I keep relapsing!!!,please help

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    Hello guys for some reason i have lost my motivation to nofap ,it's been 3 months that the longest i got is 5 days,i can't stop.my previous and first streak was 6 months but after this period of time relapsed 100 times and now it is like hell.I have urges all day.i go to the gym,i go for walking 10 km,i read books but nothing helps.I tried cold shower but it help me only for 15 minutes.I don't know what to do.I think the reason that i went 6 months on my first try because i was much much more motivated and i was going to the university every day ~10 hours.Can someone help me to stop that shit,i don't have a girlfriend and i want to get one but after at least i have done 3 months nofap,i don't want to go with her and have problems because of porn . So guys please help i don't know what to do.
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    Nofap requires more than motivation, for long term nofap success motivation will help but it's not the answer. You have to learn to love nofap and hate pmo. You have to take pmo off a pedestal and recognise that it will destroy you in the end, you really think that you can just indulge in free online sexual stimulation and you will get no consequences? Anything that is that stimulating will come at a price and you will live to regret it if you keep going down this dark road the outcome will not be good for you.
    Take a pen and paper and write down the push pull method, it goes like this

    Push: All the things pushing you away from Pmo, such as
    • if you keep doing this eventually you will get found out
    • Ordinary porn like incest and cuckolding will become vanilla and you will keep wanting higher stimulating stuff, eventually it may become illegal stuff your watching or engaging in, you will have police coming to your home.
    • You may loose your friends
    • You may loose your job...
    The list goes on, write your own thoughts down, these are just typical examples

    Pull: All the things pulling you towards breaking free
    • Your life goals and desires.
    What do you really want? A loving family? A beautiful wife? Money? Staying single and travelling seeing the world?
    You can have whatever you want.. When we practice nofap everything we touch turns to gold

    The push pull method is effective. Also I would reccomend putting some blockers on your devices at least just for the first few months while you reset again.
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    I relapsed twice after 6 months or so from porn each time. I’m currently 5 months and 2 and half weeks or so free from that relapse.

    I have learned a lot in my struggle with porn. One, is what triggers me. A lot on the internet and tv triggered me(seeing beautiful women). I believe my last relapse was super bowl halftime show, I didn’t relapse that night, but like a week or two after it, but those images stayed with me and I kept wanting more, even after 6 months.

    I also researched And watched videos of the science behind it all and it releases dopamine In your brain and scary how the addiction can become when I thought I could control it.

    the ways I feel like I have conquered it for good was that I had my wife put in an adult filter password that I don’t know what it is(it could be a friend if not married). It’s my backup plan when having a bad day and can’t see the adult sites. I also don’t watch shows that could trigger me and try to turn my head if I think a scene is coming. More importantly though, I have really grown in my faith with God. I have listened to so many sermons on temptations and that has helped me tremendously. Rick Warren and Greg Laurie are 2 of my favorites and have helped me a ton!! I learned about all the garbage I was putting in my mind. The analogy was how we have to watch what we eat, we can’t eat McDonald’s fried food every meal without bad consequences, the same thing applies with what you consistently put in your mind.

    Hopefully this helps and try and learn as much as possible and avoid whatever gets you tempted and triggered. Get going on another streak and make it a lifestyle change and don’t beat yourself up if you have a relapse. Just learn from it and keep trying! I hope this helps!
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