I leave nofap and the past behind me

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  1. I go to SAA also (Zoom meetings right now). Started going through the steps with a sponsor in April and it’s been a huge help. Over four months clean and feeling stronger and stronger after two years of constant short streaks.

    I think an important thing for me was realizing I can’t do it alone and I will have to stay in top of this daily perhaps the rest of my life. Which is fine with me because I never want to go back to the way I was!

    One of my goals now is to help others as able. I think that should be the goal of each recovering addict.
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    Congratulation for your success, but your decision of twisting other porn addicts in the wind is absolutely wrong.
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    I've also given this some thought and i agree you allways need to stay vigilant an aware of triggers. Although as time pass i hope that it'll fades away more an more over time and it become more of the new normal for the brain, mind and body to stay away from bad habits and material. Since as off now i feel there's a lot of mental energy going to allways daily be focus and vigilant to stay away from bad stuff. Also for me real world triggers (especially now in summer) demands a constant effort not to look at girls/women in a bad/sexual way.

    And yes, never forget how bad it makes you feel. So many days in agony and crying, the feeling of dispair and hopelesness. You need to reach out for that and allways remeber that. Btw what is SAA?
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  4. SAA is sex addicts anonymous.
  5. I get the OP. I feel this way about a few things I've overcome in my own life. I don't think he's trolling; it's a valid perspective to have. In a sense, constantly focussing on an addiciton is like OCD, and it means you haven't rooted it out of your mind, body and soul.

    A lot of people go to AA for their whole lives, while other people manage to delete alcohol dependency from themselves. The former group suspect the latter of denial; the latter group think the former group's either just not trying hard enough or lacks the desire or capacity to really get over their problem.

    It all comes down to who you are; what you want; what your own personal limits are, and how hard you're willing to work - how deep and wide you're willing to explore - to really reach your goals.

    Paradigm shifts are possible even when you think you've got all the answers, so if there's no doubt in your mind you've found the right solution for you, the chances are you're overlooking something.
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    Hi, Akro,
    I'd like to take part in zoom meetings of SAA too. Is it free? What requirements are there? Can you suggest a meeting adress? And having a sponsor in zoom meetings - is it possible?
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    I daubt it's true. Nobody can overcome so many bad habits, addictions and emotional problems , mindset in the period of 3 years. Such deep rooted problems live with you maybe all life. The only thing you can do with them is to learn how to manage them, control to some extent and diminish their destructive results. You live in a phantasy world if you think you overcame them all and perfectly - nice daydreams!
    Because somebody helped you when you were in the pit and now you can give it back. To be selfish and think only about yourself is the root of all addictions.
    So what, do you want addicts to pay you? If so, become a therapist. Secrets - you wish to sell them? How much would please you? 100 000 dollars? Would you only help addicts if they paid you much enough? You are treating people like cash mashines.
    I commented only the ideas in the post because I'm convinced the post is fake. How can he leave nofap after writing 3 posts? He came here to rant his frustration rather or invented some text to have some fun reading the replies.
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  9. For every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. You help and support others, you get it back, sometimes ten-folds.

    You don't help someone in need, you don't get helped when needed.

    Thanks for wishing luck to all the fapstronauts for recovery. Good luck with the rest of your life.
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  10. WOW. For thetruth93 he came he saw he conquered EVERYTHING IN LIFE in only 3 posts and refuses us his vast knowledge. LOL
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    Just scrolling by, but thanks for that comment. It is sobering to think about. Anyone can fall, we must stay vigilant.
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    At some point don’t you need to turn the page? And stop wallowing in your addiction or no?

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