I need to be more motivated to continue ~

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Killua1, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Killua1

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    I am willing to get rid of this shitty habit but I need more motivations in order to do that.
    I don't know what type of motivations are ,maybe the consequences of stopping fapping or continuing it ... etc

    I always think It's not much harmful for me because I'm still 17 and don't need a partner for sexual relationship yet ... Plus,My friends think it's good for health and it allows to release the stress ... I honestly don't agree with them but I need some arguments to convince myself that It's better to throw away this habit :confused:

    So,Can you guys motivate me ? at least mention some benefits of stopping PMO or negatives of continuing it ~

    Have a nice day :eek:
  2. Sean5555

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    I'm 29, dude. Take this advice from a guy slightly older than you-

    You're going to experience a lot of crazy shit in the next 10 years or so and let me tell you, porn shouldn't be involved.
  3. Cdude

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    All these facts are proven and true. Porn can make you anti social, it gives you DE (delayed ejaculation), it takes up so much time when you can be doing other things like going on adventures. The more you watch porn the more your brains gonna want to need it and the more you'll have to watch because you won't feel good watching a normal amount. Basically saying it just gets worse. Im still young, I actually have my whole life ahead of me still and I don't want porn to be apart of it. I hope this helped.
  4. VanillaMochi

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    In my opinion porn has way more negative impacts than positive ones. It's like the equivalent to fast food. It's OKAY in moderation but is extremely addictive and can become toxic.

    In the same way that fast food will lead to health problems, porn will eventually lead to physical and mental health problems. (Erectile dysfunction, unable to reach an O during sex, makes you less confident, etc.)

    Another thing that porn does is waste your time. You could spend that time doing something that would benefit your life and propel you forward. It actually limits you in some ways.

    As humans we look for ways to decrease the amount of time we spend doing something to get the maximum amount of value out of whatever it is. So if to satisfy your basic needs for sex your brain will turn to porn because it's the fastest way to get results. Short-term it seems like a great solution but long term the impacts are devastating.

    Just remember this... you can never satisfy your craving for sex no matter how much sex you have. You will never be satisfied with PMO no matter how much of it you do. It's a never ending cycle that you must make a conscious decision to break.

    Good luck to you.
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  5. Mr.Z

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    Think of our grandparents. They didn't watch porn and were busy as hell. They had more energy to do many things. They didn't rely on technology like we do. They didn't surf the internet. Instead they were busy taking care of their family. They had to endure lots of hardship and fatigue. If you ask me, technology made as weak just as agriculture made our ancestors (hunter-gatherers) weak. I love this age but I think people in the old days led a more peaceful life because they didn't live in an information era.

    So to answer your question. I took on this challenge to rediscover the qualities and values our granparents had who didn't rely too much on artificial stimulation and instant gratification. Secondly, I want to teach myself not to depend on anything excessively in order to have more balance. Thirdly, I want a better perception of my environment; active involvement; creativity; keen senses. Finally, I want to be the strongest version of myself. PEACE
  6. IWantABetterLife22

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    When you do get involved in a sexual relationship, you want to go in with a fresh mind, not one tainted and poisoned by porn.
  7. Ny3

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    I would recommend to watch this Ted talk. It describes very good how porn changes your perception of women.

    Instead of pmo, I would suggest to use the time flirting with girls and develop your personality, create something, do sports, plan trips...
    Life your life, do something actively instead of consuming dull videos and be passive!

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