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  1. I don't know where to look for the anwers or who to ask. I have been taught christian values from a young age and I have always believed in God. However now I'm in cross-roads. I don't know if I believe in God or not. This drains my energy. Science has some good points and it's logical. Also even the history of christianity speaks against itself. I pray sometimes and I have always wanted a sign from God. Idk if it's my lack of faith or what. Then there are the wisdoms of the Bible. Idk if they are just universal wisdoms or if God truly gave us them. And there are many religions what makes christianity the right one? So many logical inconviniences. Or is this just because of my flesh's lusts? I don't expect for straight answers but guidance would be appreciated.
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    ive been there before, grew up religious, just followed it (well only the basic idea of God being real, but i didnt pray etc), then around 15-16 i was leaning torn between agnotism and religion. I have never thought about atheism because for me it is just unreasonable to think we came from nothing, it is more reasonable to think it is rather unknown, which is agnotism, i was still believing in God but i was like "what if my religion is the wrong one" "what if God isnt even real" so I did more research on all abrahamic religions and checked bhuddism then sticked with the one i agreed with the most, God lead me back to the religion i was born with

    i will not state what religion i am because you should experiment yourself what you believe is right, whether that is atheism, agnotism, or a specific religion

    it is a very deep topic for most, and will remain so forever

    also you said choosing between science and religion, i am confused, they can go hand in hand. A good place to start is to see if the religion you are looking at is compatible with science i guess, which is what i did too
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    Believe in God. ( the universal intelligence, the energy that has no start nor end point , the energy that can't be destroyed) and throw the rest.
    It is the faith that creates miracles not dogma.
    And miracles are not exclusive to one religious group.
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    Separate God (Love, Creator, All That Is, Father) from religious dogma.
    Could God be real, but something people say about Him be false?
    Could what people wrote about God be sound advice, but "a god" be just idea that makes human mind expand?
    Yes to both questions, though I myself believe only in one of those. Doesn't matter which.
    I never understood why people think that religion opposes science. Dogmas clash, and oppose one another - equally true in 'science' and 'religion'.
    Your mind is no longer satisfied with what you believed before. That will happen again and again until you croak, at least. ;)
    Here is what I believe: the only Truth that is worth believing is the one you can stand behind. By that I mean your truth: start paying attention to how you feel about what you hear and read. When you feel your chest expand, a sense of excitement and relief, you are hearing what is true for you - be it science, a rock song, or the Bible. When what you hear makes you feel a contraction in your chest or solar plexus, when you feel fear - that is a false message you hear or read (or think!). Do not heed.
  5. Here goes nothing. I see that you are beginning to question things. You have been taught christian values from a young age and that has become your belief, from which you are basing what is right and what is wrong. There is this belief that some god or saviour is going to save you from your misery. There is no gentle way to put this, but they wont. In this search there is imagination, illusion, confusion, contradiction and in all this there is a great loss of energy. If you do not know where to look or who to ask, is it not obvious to look within yourself? What is happening inside of you? What does fear feel like and why is it there? What is pleasure and what is pain? What are the motives behind your actions? This is all of life as you experience it and it can only be understood when you become aware of it.

    I really do question religion. If it was anything like what it claims to be, the world would be at peace. It's a system that tells you to perform certain rituals and behave in a certain way in the name of god and you shall be saved. There is no real explanation for what is going on. It points to something and no one knows what it is pointing to. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but it's time to get real. Reality is right in front of us and yet we choose to get lost in some silly fantasy about who created us and why. I don't know what the answer is but I get the feeling it can be found closer to home than you think. You don't need to get on your knees or go to a church to find it. Yay for us.
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    It's OK to have doubts. The book of Job is full of cases in which Job had doubts. The book of James says "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you". Even if you take a small step of faith, God comes nearer to you. Just ask the Lord to give you opportunities that will increase your faith. Go volunteer at an animal shelter, for example.
  7. I am not a religious person... but I do know that its okay for you to have doubts, in fact it is a healthy thing. I would recommend you to do some research about some good books and authors on such doubts and then maybe you might end up getting your answers. In any case, you would be happier for it.
  8. Should I go competitive?
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  9. Thank you for your replies. Maybe I'm now closer to truth.
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