I saw this on Reddit, and I felt like sharing it - Meditation Pomodoro Mix!

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    Probably not a new thing but have been doing a meditation pomodoro mix for a few weeks now and wanted to recommend it as (for me at least) a perfect recipe for flow. Basically pomodoro with meditation instead of breaks. Here's how I do it:

    1. 25min work

    2. 5min actual rest, walk around, do some push-ups, get the blood flowing.

    3. 25min work

    4. 5min of mindfulness meditation

    5. 25min work

    6. 5min of actual rest, do something physical.

    7. 25min work

    8. 15min meditation
    Repeat til your brain is mush.

    Start off with easing yourself into it with something to get the brain and blood working, then add a bit of meditation. Finish with a longer meditation session and repeat. Don't underestimate the usefulness of the physical part, seem to help me recover from all the mentally demanding tasks. After a while something just happens and it suddenly gets very enjoyable. Kind of require solitude though, would love to do it at the uni but would get looks. Feels very effective for getting things done when you need to study for longer sessions.

    Also tried wim hof for the 15min session because I think it could be even better but sadly I don't really enjoy wim hof.

    If someone want to try it with a group project then please tell me how it goes! Imagine you would get very productive when you add a social element to trigger flow.
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