I screwed up

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Aliveisgood, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Aliveisgood

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    i am on day 54 of NoFap and i relapsed and to make it worser tomorrow is a big exam for me for this exam i had prepared for a year and in the coming week there are two exams i dont know what to do im so screwed up i want to cry so much
  2. shamrock19

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    Hey man, if you are concerned about your performance in the exams do not worry too much.. i just took some intense final year exams for engineering whilst suffering from severe withdrawals symptoms from nofap, anxiety, brain fog etc and i done really well whilst i was super concerned that i was going to flop. If the knowledge is there, trust me it will come out on the paper.

    Regarding your relapse and the journey to recovery, yeah the relapse is shit but you just need to get back on the horse and soldier on. This shit is not easy and you need to give yourself some compassion. But not that it needs to be said, do not binge as it will only lead to more regret/self loathing and will only do more damage.

    Your all good son, keep on going.
  3. keepitreal-88

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    Its ok to fail as long as you pick yourself up and do better next time. Stop fucking stressing that you messed things up and relapsed. You relapsed, you've got an exam tomorrow, now you're going to work your best to make sure you do well in that exam. Are you baby that cries over a mistake and lets it define his future or a man that does what he has to and gets on with it to the best of his ability.

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