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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by zermova, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. zermova

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    Hey, I'm 19 and I've always been fapping my life away and feeling cranky and shit. Around April-May I have decided to sign up at the Gym and get a membership. When I started I stopped fapping for 2-3 weeks straight by the end of the 2nd to 3rd week I had dropped around 10-15 lbs and always felt positive and energetic felt like I could achieve anything, I lost interest in video games . Could this be nofap? A week later I've failed myself again and feeling cranky and shit again which continued to this day and somehow harder to drop more weight and I'm back to video games again but still going to the gym. I did nofap for a month before and never felt this enegy, could it be the gym that's helping? I have decided to start again.
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    What motivated you to go to the gym in the first place back in April-May? That was a healthy decision, in the sense that you saw at that moment a potential for bringing joy in your life, and the decision did. That's what stopped you from PMO. Here the decision is important, not necessarily the going to the gym.

    What happened around the 1 month mark? Try to remember whether you had a situation in your life that from the outside may not seem difficult, but inside you felt it could be too much. Something at school, or within the family etc. Attempt to pay attention at how the situations you and yourself in shape your emotional state. There is no good or bad emotion, and emotion is a message from your brain and body that say "I like it" or "I'm hurting".

    Going to the gym may be the solution if you still take joy from the endeavour. But if you don't find it joyful, then maybe try other things that could bring you joy: walking in parks, reading some good books, listening to podcasts from which you can learn new things etc.
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    Why do we feel cranky and shit so often after M? Maybe we are realizing there is some addiction which we want to get rid of. As you see on my avatar, I am a cyclist. Last year I did road cycling here in Germany for 18.000 km, this year I am close to 9.000 km. Of course I feel the endorphines and they make me feel really strong and healthy. In winter time I do my own home cycling and it also makes me feel wonderful.

    If you like the gym - great! You want to loose weight - great! If you want to get rid of your M-addiction - make some commitment. Your NO PMO - journey will not be easy but wonderful. And the fapstronauts will support you. No PMO and a lot of exercises - the perfect combination!
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    My suggestion is not to start right away NoFap its too hard. Continue your gym at least a month and go 5 times at weak, in the meantime try taking cold showers, also read books and make some habits daily. After that you can start NoFap more easily. Don't stop no matter what, i'm also 19 and going to the gym and im improving myself everyday through the things i mention to you. You can do it, i believe you're not weak!

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