I think one day civilisation will end but humanity will still exist.

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    You know when they talk about global warming etc, the end of the world etc. The thing is it won't be the end of the world, the planet will still exist. But I actually think what will happen one day is extreme weather, natural disasters will cause civilisation to fall, but humanity will still exist.

    But just imagine what that world would be like. No laws world wide etc, everybody out for them self. It would be a complete and utter apocalyptic world.

    I think something like this could happen in the future. Maybe not in any of our life time, but you never know. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if in the next 100 to 200 years something like this could happen.
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  2. Probably will happen as you say. No one with any power is making any meaningful change to prevent harm to the environment thus causing climate change. The ice caps melting is actually irreversible and no longer possible to stop. Look up about the feedback loop happening there. Things are actually worse than the media let on.

    Survivors will either be living on a space ship or living in oxygen pods on the Earth.
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    I have taken several classes in university about the science of climate change and why it happens. They are all math, physics, and computer models.

    We're already seeing the effects of warming in storms nowadays; they are more frequent and more severe. They will become more common and more intense over time.

    The droughts happening in the American West are actually not incredibly affected by climate change, but much more from regional climatology, much to the chagrin of many leftists and democrats.

    Humans are pretty resilient though. The severe weather kills people and destroys shit, but we can rebuild and have more babies. The real shit is gonna start happening in about 80-100 years.

    Unless we stop all emissions we're on track to produce by 2040, the average global temperature will increase by around 4 degrees Celsius. Moreover, temperatures in places far away from the oceans (which act like heat sinks and stabilize temperatures) will get even hotter. Even more so, places that are already generally warmer will have higher degrees of warming (temperate areas will go up by X degrees, the tropics will go up by 2X (that's not real data just an example)).

    In places like Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and most of Central and South America, temperatures will go up by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. That's already really bad...but wait, there's more! With the global increase in temperature there will be a global increase in humidity, making our ability to cool off by sweating less effective as it gets more humid.

    With all of these factors, large chunks of India, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America will be uninhabitable by 2100, and certainly by 2200. When I say uninhabitable, I literally mean if you are outside and don't have air conditioning, you will die. It is so hot and humid your sweat will not cool you down enough to keep your body from overheating. More than 3 billion people will either have to migrate or die. Climate change is not causing an environmental crisis, it will create an economic and social one.

    There are about 80 million refugees in the world right now, generally from conflicts that have been happening over the last 30 years. Those 80 million are already causing major economic and social tensions in Europe, America, and other countries with money. People feel like refugees and conflicts are mismanaged. Imagine if there were more than 3 billion. That's almost half of our population trying to move somewhere else within an 80 year period. It will create conflict and chaos that no one can even imagine.

    This is going to happen. It's physics. These places will not be inhabitable by humans. The same will happen in the east coast in 300 years.

    Humans will survive. We are so alpha it's ridiculous. But all of our knowledge, art, memories, and enjoyment will likely go down the drain. Because oil CEOs are lining politician pockets
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    They are using climate change as an excuse for add taxes and laws and bring umanity to "ecologic tech" all connected to the internet so it seem that governaments will exit from this reinforced.
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    I second what bro En?gma said
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