Ice Bath Challenge(my personal journey)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by TangoTao, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. TangoTao

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    Here i'm reporting on my progress in that particular practice i adapted,
    used to do it every month - but now plan on doing it once a week to strengthen
    my practice in that aspect.

    Completed IceBath Challenge (29th Nov)
    NEXT: IceBath Challenge <By: 6th Dec 6am GMT+1>

    [​IMG]as long as i succeed at it each week i get to keep that icon

    that means - to put ice cubes into bathtub, let it cool, and submerge myself completely in it. My personal journal on this icy path.
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  2. TangoTao

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    IceBath had been completed yesterday- a bit longer one then the last time - i'm getting back into that practice

    Completed IceBath Challenge <4th Dec 2019>

    [​IMG]so i get to keep that icon for another week,
    but just for a week - you want it again - work for it i say it to myself,
    this time it was a bit more doable, though its still tough and some hesitation is still needed to be overcome.

    NEXT: IceBath Challenge <By 13th Dec 6am GMT+1>

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  3. Amazing!
    How much degrees has your ice bath approximatedly?
  4. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    i don't bother with details - its damn cold - i put water in i chunk some ice into it and let it melt a bit 5-15 min "cookin it"
    in fact i missed it this week - but not giving up on it just need to retrack myself with some stuff and gonna put it back on schedual soon egnough
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  5. TangoTao

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    had proper cold shower yesterday - it was a grit - and i quickly thought of screaming something rediciolous, i settled on:

    Cold is fun - it's never gets boring
  6. grungeisinfinite

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    Dude, I'd like to have a ice bath, can't afford it lol. Don't have bath, just shower. Cold shower rocks, but I already feel how awesome bath would be. Anyways, a legend you are.
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  7. Awedouble

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    Not bothering with details probably won't get you as far as bothering with details. For others who are not as young and have health problems it is also unsafe.

    That said I do support this IF people don't screw themselves over by not using a CONTROLLED method as mentioned on this page of the Ice Man himself. Why not go with people who have already figured it out and have a system?
  8. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    @Awedouble sure man - i'm not guru here - just jurnalling my own stuff - anyone does it ont htheir own if they wish - perhsps i'll make some disclaimer so ppl dont do smth stupid, i did it very gradually over couple of years now - and that's my take on it - i don't teach here - but if anything its just to share experiences.
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  9. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    cold showered last two days
  10. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    usually around 8pm i just stop everything and then - i give myself all the mental space to just do that ONE thing for the evening,
    - that is the cold shower - it might get me a week or two to get back to the icebaths - due to all the commotion in xmass time,
    but i keep it in sight - for the moment i just keep on with consistancy in cold showers as having value on its own.
  11. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    but i just may take one sooner...
  12. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    had ice bucket yerterday and a slow cold shower day before
  13. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    4th quarter 2019 Repport(in making...)....

    i showered most of the days in cold water, had few and far between hot baths, had few icebaths - but not as much as i wanted/ expected of myself
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  14. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    had cold shower on monday, had hot bath yesterday for about 15 minutes.
  15. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    i had a longer break from cold exposure(winter), but i'm getting back into it as a regular practice.
  16. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    had been struggling to get back into the cold showers on the cold-turkey basis, so adapted a new approach,
    'cold bucket', so i just wash myself with a sponge - i want to keep at it DAILY for the next two weeks
    Day 1/14 - today had the first one, one has to restart somewhere.

    afterall in all our practices - all we need to do is to START AND TO CONTINUE!!!

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