if you can go 100 days without ejaculating there is something wrong with you

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    a healthy male has balls that produce a LOT of sperm and if you even produced a tablespoon a day, after 7 days you'd have a pretty big load that's just sitting in there.

    now true you'd body will stop producing and resaborb and this takes alot of stress off your body, and is healthy but

    i think those fluids in your organs, they need to come out or they putrify.

    like people who fast get gall stones because the bile in the gall bladder putrifies. you Need to flush that bile out of the gall bladder every day or it turns into crud and can kill you. Gall stones WILL kill you.

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    kinda disagree with the content, but I guess your title is just right.
    No one comes here if they don't have anything wrong with him.

    I haven't had a single ejaculation this 268 days streak, neither have had any urine leakage, too and I have no bladder issue at all, or not yet.
    I have had blurred vision, headache, insomnia, back pain and I believe it's PAWS due to hormone imbalance, i.e. low testosterone, however I could be wrong.
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  3. Gentle man

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    I had 365 streak before with no problems at all

    I fast for 12 hours a month in a year and I have no Gall stones !
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    Interesting but I don't think anybody's died from nofap, an array of people such as monks to average Joe's have been doing this practise for centuries. I'm no scientist but your semen is rich in nutrients and so maybe working out on that much nofap would show amazing benefits for muscle growth,self healing and your immune system. If your on that much nofap you can kiss a doctor's visit goodbye bruv.
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  5. Bombadil

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    Do you have any evidence other than "you think"?
  6. In addition to what the others above said, your theory sounds a bit implausible to me. The sexual organs cannot be built in a way that causes severe problems if they are not used. Think about monks, that are not allowed to masturbate, or think about animals that are not able to masturbate.
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    You do realize as an active duty service member youre not allowed to have sex right? They do this because you become more aggressive your mind and body are stronger wheres you lose motivation if youre fucking all the time.
    Through history armies have marched for weeks months without interaction with the opposite sex.
    Your claim would mean all active duty soldiers have health issues due to not releasing their load which is purely innaccurate

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