If you have PIED, don’t date a girl at work

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    I think this one pretty much goes without saying, but if you’re a guy who has PIED then you should NOT date a girl in your workplace. There are several unrelated reasons as to why you shouldn’t do this, but having PIED is another important reason why you shouldn’t. Think about it, you and a girl at work hit it off and start talking, then you guys go out and you finally go back to her place or yours to hook up, only you can’t get it up. Any guy here who’s experienced PIED knows how frustrating and embarrassing that is when it happens, but its even worse when it happens with a girl who you work with and have to see every day at work.

    Because should your PIED ruin that initial connection and you two stop seeing each other because sex never worked out between you two, it will be extremely awkward to still have to see her every day at work and possibly still have to interact with her. Then there’s also the chance that she might tell your other coworkers why it didn’t work out between you two and then everyone in your workplace knows about what happened before you know it. So if you’re struggling with PIED like I am, look for girls to date somewhere else other than your workplace.
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    If you are a guy who has PIED then you should NOT date, period.
    Don't share your problems with another person. Get your shit together with nofap and when you are healed then go and start dating again.
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