I'm done with life

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Jrmz94, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Jrmz94

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    Im done. My life sucks. Have no friends cuz I don't feel like socializing with people. For some reason going out and try to socialize is such a drag. I think cuz I get rejected a lot. I grew up being outcast by social groups, hence why I'm anti social. Trying to better your life by yourself is hard. I feel lost in life. Growing up without a father figure is hard. Jerking off is the only thing that relaxes me and releases stress. I know life is suppose to be hard but damn man I'm frustrated. I hate the fact that pmo is the thing I look forward to after I get off work. I never get any matches on tinder. I'm broke so I have to work a lot which means I don't have time for going out.
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  2. Get_It

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    Dude, chill n have a beer.
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  3. keepitinmybriefs

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    Try finding other things to occupy your time. Read a book, work out. You can also try the website meetup to find local groups that share your interests - there's hiking groups, board gaming groups, all sorts of things. Try finding friends first, rather than finding a girlfriend.
  4. FellatiousD

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    Exactly. @Jrmz94 you aren't going to have a girlfriend without having friends first. In addition to everything @keepitinmybriefs said, my #1 recommendation would be to find a gym and get addicted to working out. It will be huge for your self confidence. You will have tons of things to talk about with the other guys at the gym, and you will probably make some friends there. And eventually, if you see attractive women there, you can practice your game. There's nothing to lose. Go for it!
  5. FollowYourBeard

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    Have you already tried everything you can to make the life bearable?
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  6. Hold it in

    Hold it in Fapstronaut

    The longer you hang in the game the easier it gets, or at least that's my take on my struggle so far. Wait for the answer to come to you
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  7. It's TIME to STOPPP

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    this is a great reply!
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  8. Mike Bonanno

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    Agreed. Very constructive and all that crap... :D
  9. Ronila

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    I have seen people sitting at their milt-million dollar home with enough money to buy three more, that say same thing you say. Life sucks.
    Depression feels bad, but you feel this way because you are depressed not because you do not have the opportunity to do the things you know you should do.

    You should visit a docto and ask for help, medication is available to manage depression. As bad as it is sometimes it offers a way out.
  10. Jojo_mojo2

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    Why don't you consult a clinical psychologist to help you out and give you advice?
  11. PJT

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    Life may get tough at time just take a step back and witness the miracle s happening all around you. Life is not centered around ourselves your ego may be getting in the way of progress ego is easing God out. I won't get too preachy but by being more selfless I believe you can become less lifeless
  12. animalhouse

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    Someone suggested going to a gym. Honestly, its not bad advice. I struggle with depression too. A gym will make you feel better. Do it.
  13. ItsSeal

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    You need to find peace with yourself before your able to even think about having some girlfriend. Let be, even having one. Try to live more in the now, the only time your able to perform actions to improve your life. Seems your ego is having a big control on your mind right now. Study the ego, gain knowledge, and you can beat the ego.
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  14. animalhouse

    animalhouse Fapstronaut

    Don't lose hope. Do positive things for yourself -- exercise, walk, hike, go to the library. Fill your head with positive things to lift yourself up. I have been there in the dark. In fact, I am there fairly regularly. You have to be vigilant in saying no to the negative things that come in your head. Follow the prescription laid out here by some strong men here and press on. Read "The Power of Now" by Eckert Tolle. Do it. You can do this!!!
  15. cdp5089

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    I've been in your shoes before as well and not too long ago. I lost my Dad in April. You can and will climb out of this darkness. I would recommend for you to work on your broke problem first. When you pursue financial peace, everything else in your life will start falling into place in no time. I would recommend that you stay focused on your job/career, listen to financial guru Dave Ramsey (check YouTube or read his books), and go on a written budget if you're not on one already. The other commenters on this feed have already given you great advice on how to solve your other challenges, but in terms of making friends and keeping them, avoid all jerks and seek only the nicest, nerdiest, and grounded people who come into your orbit. Outcasts like you and me can make friends with other outcasts. Online dating mostly sucks and it takes up a lot of your time and emotional energy. Move from Tinder to Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, or POF (if you want) where you can find a nice person to go out on a date with every now and again. Cut back or eliminate the porn altogether, and you'll find that you have more time on your hands than you think. Let us know how you do. Fight the darkness.
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  16. ANewFocus

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    Just wake up tomorrow and make a list of the ideas you see above. See the ones you could do and take action to do them. At 24, I was drinking, PMO addicted, and heading toward a path that would lead to a life of coping with drugs my parents died from. 11 years later my life is full of so many wonderful miracles. You’ve got a long way to go. Start making it better one day at a time and keep grinding.
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  17. Get_It

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  18. Xander_

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    Yeah fam, life is shit, its unfair and extremely hard. No question about that. However, thing is ...you'll be in same if not worse position if you don't do something about it. Nobody will solve your problems for you. Perhaps its time to stop pitying yourself, and keep moving forward to transform your shitty life to the better one.

    You can see now, that basically porn feels good in the moment, but on the long run it makes you suffer real hard. Its simply not worth it, focus one step at a time. The best way to start solving your problems is to take one step at a time, and first step to start with is to do your best to quit porn.
  19. selfimprovement8008

    selfimprovement8008 Fapstronaut

    my friend online dating is bent toward LMS ( Looks Money Status) usually and real chemistry and connection can be found in the real world, learn how to talk to people, friends and girls and girlfriends when you are better equiped to fight the battle of loneliness you will have a better cahcne to take losses and experience the joy of victory regardlesss of how small the loss or victory is. cheers to the bold as the fortune favors the bold(idk who wrote that).. maybe ill have to google it myself.
  20. Vijay5610

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    Bro i am same age as u i know life is hard life is tough mine is same as urs fucked as hell but tell me can u enjoy sucess if u never felt failure have faith in god and try gym if u dont have time for that just remember god during urges and carry on NoFap
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