I'm having issues with lust

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by skepticaljoe, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. skepticaljoe

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    Every time I go into town lately I find myself looking lustfully at women, some people might say don't worry so much about it, you're only looking but for me I find that it promotes fantasy desire and can lead to pornographic thoughts.
    I am trying to find resources on ways to deal with it. I watched a Russell brand video on this and he simply said "don't be a pervert". but this is the problem, how do I stop being a pervert!? Each time I try to exert control over it by not looking I feel like I'm being neglectful of my desire to look. It almost feels like suppression. That's one of my big issues with this, like a form of denying myself something? But then I haven't fully grasped the concept of dealing with lust, If your testosterone is raging then you might listen more to that then any objective reasoning?
    what have you found is the best way to deal with lust?
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  2. Aboodhi

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    There is nothing like Self-Control. You have to learn the art of controlling yourself. You need to grow the will power. Atleast you have to reduce your lust. If you tend to watch a women multiple times you've to stop looking at her from the first glance. So with time I guess you can totally end this so called lust. Good Luck!
  3. Rehab101

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    Same boat as you. I always have the thought thinking what will be like with a different sex partner with hot features I am fond of.

    Sadly we need to realize this fantasy thought will not be fulfilled despite how bad we want it. A habit with less thoughts into it would help. The more we dwell in it the worse it gets.
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  4. livinginhell

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    I can relate to this. When I see a good women I start imagining her fully naked. But I don't think it is a huge problem.

    It should disappear with time. May be it is because the porn images we have in our minds. That is the reason behind this. As we keep not watching porn those images should lose power.
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  5. skepticaljoe

    skepticaljoe Fapstronaut

    Well I guess time will tell on it disappearing with time. But I have a strong suspicion in my case it won't, because pornographic thoughts often come from my own imagination. I don't need porn to have pornographic thoughts. There are ways to counter that but it's definitely more difficult work, because when you have a porn site in your own head you can't ever totally detach from stimulus without using a lot of coping strategies. i'm definitely giving this all a proper go though and I haven't viewed porn for over a month now.
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  6. Funkypunky

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    Same here whenver i'm walking down the street or using the bus or basically at any public place i cant stop checking out every cleavage or a butt i see. I started trying to control myself and not look and it kinda feels a little bit better. I believe this feeling(like a pervert) will fade away with time.
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  7. qwertyatoz

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    For me, it relates to watching porn. The less I watch porn, the less I check out women in real life. You are not overhyped on women's bodies.They say that porn objectifies women, and it's true. When we watch porn, we are only focussing on a nice set of boobs, a nice butt, etc. It carries over into real life. Try it. See, if you can stay away from porn, if you urge to check out women is as strong as before.
  8. Hold it in

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    First I realize that it's just a thought. I'm trying to learn with some success that thoughts do not control me.

    I also believe we have a biological urge to breed, so it's not always easy and more times than not I fail.

    I'm not worried however. I have an advocate in Heaven who knows my struggle
  9. Sulu_1415

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