Impulsive Masturbation

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by LonelyStrength, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. LonelyStrength

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    This has happened to me yesterday, I'm coming home from work, I go to change into my sleep cloths then the urge come out of nowhere and I end up busting a nut, without genuinely getting tempted and with out porn as well. This usually happens to me when I control my myself during a streak, but its like I fallen into a trap and how can I avoid these problems ? thanks
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  2. When it happens to me it hits me out of the blue, too. Then, although I´m clearly conscious about that I do not want to do it, I cannot stop me from doing it.
    Like @LonelyStrength I´d appreciate to hear about how to get out of these situations.
  3. Faiziarbb

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    (My personal tip is also this, you may or may not find it helpful:
    imagine that you physically grab the lustful thought which you want to eliminate with your hand and throw it out and then burn it or something -
    do this with some intensity and moving your hands and even perhaps using your voice)

    Practicing this rule will make your mind stop being curious about those things automatically
    after you've successfully done it a couple of times.
  4. Ogikubo

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    I understand the "out of the blue" reaction. It has happened to me too. That's why, for me at least, I no longer accept it is "out of the blue." When I carefully recount my day, I can see elements (Too relaxed in my reboot? Thinking too many triggering thoughts throughout the day?) that may have contributed.
    We can have control over our sexual urges and impulsive feelings if we work at it a bit. Acknowledging how we feel, and admitting that yes, so and so is a pretty hot babe is a good starting place. But then we can remind ourselves that we do not need to turn our feelings into an M session that will leave us feeling empty.
  5. LonelyStrength

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    I like that, cause Ill go throughout my day and Ill get a dirty thought in my head once in a while. But Ill shoot it down as fast as I can before it takes over my mind. Because like you said it will contribute to a greater urge
  6. Enwar

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    Just wait it out. It sucks, and you might find it hard to think or even move, but that's how you avoid it. It will die down at times, and surge at times, but you just have to wait it out.
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  7. Avenging Marmoset

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    I'm not going to say that isn't a problem, but jerking off before bed when you are alone and ready for bed doesn't qualify as "compulsive." The stage was set for when you would normally jerk, and you jerked. "Compulsive" would mean an unstoppable habit of jerking off wherever and whenever it struck, the bus, etc. But what you need to do is go NoFap. I mean, what'd you think you'd be told to do if you came here looking for advice?
  8. blacklabel92

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    Dnt let it get to you man. Its fine. A relapse doesnt mean ur marked for death or anything. Eventually u will find that groove, that rythm and it'll be easier to resist in time and hopefully ull know how to to fight the urge . I've learned that if u truly want to do something ur mind wil get there little by little. For me its absolute now. I tell myself that i should stop whining about this shit because it aint gna happen. What also helped is i created a negative impulse with M so whenever i touched myself without the intention of hygiene id give myself a hard ass slap in The face. That really helped aswell. Good luck! I Believe in ya!
  9. LonelyStrength

    LonelyStrength Fapstronaut

    Thanks dude, gotta keep going with a positive attitude!
  10. Discouraged

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    unfortunately, many of us are stalked by demons all the time.

    they know you are trying to nofap , so they get a big kick out of fucking up your goals.

    this induces frustration. this really makes them howl and cackle, i mean you say you don't belive me, you can find these entities posting all over the internet, just read what they say. these people posting these things are possessed by these very demons.

    just what do you think porn is,? we're being flooded by these very same demonic entities , with porn, to make us masturbate. to weaken us, so they can astrally rape us, and control this reality.

    it's not only about real estate, money. it's about conquering the last of the Atlantean blood lines, that have the All Spark, they cannot completely conquer the world until this happens, because they are doing magic , many of them unawares.

    you must do it secretly, use the force shield becaue if they detect you have the powers you are fucked for life, they will never relent til you are in the grave, but they will try to murder your soul and destroy your mojo first
  11. Discouraged

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    well yeah because you've been tensed up all day, suppressing the para-sympathetic nervous system.

    erection response is supposed to be controlled by para sympathetic nervous system. in animals, they dont really control it, it's like breathing or something. think about that, animals never really have to worry about breathing or sexual responses, because it's not even conscious behavior.

    but yeah that's why you get erection while you sleep. it's supposed to happen without thinking about it. or without self stimuation. the relaxed state produces erection after sympathetic system has been at work all day.

    the sympathetic system, activates the parasympathetic, and vice versa, in a feedback loop

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