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    Hey all... was just wondering... if total abstaining from PMO give me some serious benefits, some "superpowers" if u want. Does it mean if i've never mastrubated in my life, never had sex, never seen any porn before, i'd be "superhero". I mean... guy addicted from PMO, now abstaining 1 year = superpowers. On the other hand, guy who never ever PMOd = superhero just bcos of the fact that he never PMOd? Hope u know what i mean since my eng. is lame, i know...

    I just mean... im cursious if theres any difference between guy who was addicted and now sucessfuly abstaining, and guy that just never had sex, never masturbated and never seen any porn (hypoteticaly).

    I started with masturbation in age of 14 and with porn 1-2 years later... and as far as i remember, before i started with these things, i was just normal kid, shy due my natural introvertion, with quite low self confidence, nervous when talking to girls etc... so whats your opinion for this?

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    appreciate u around here.

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