Injaculation vs Retrograde Ejaculation?

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    I've been experimenting with just masturbation, avoiding porn at all cost ofc, but I came across the conecpt of injaculation and learnt about the perinium and on pressing that point (with the 3 finger method), the semen would be re-absorbed into the body. I practiced it, tried masturbating to purely sensation and with no thoughts and as I was close to an orgasm, I pressed the point and the semen didn't go outside as expected but I feel like I may have induced a retrograde ejaculation. I urniated a while later and it was not-so-much-but-mildly cloudy and bubbly? My energy levels are slightly lesser and eyesight a bit weaker but neither as bad as a normal orgasm. Am I doing this right? Appreciate any constructive inputs possible. Thanks :)
  2. You ejaculated in your bladder and then just peed it all out mixed with urine. Might as well have been ejaculating normally. If you need to press anything then that is retrograde ejaculation. There is a way how to flex muscles down there in a certain way to cancel ejaculation reflex completely, then there is no retrograde ejaculation, nothing leaves your balls.

    You do it by doing Kegel exercises (look them up) first to strengthen your PC muscle (make sure it is PC muscle, do not mistake for BC muscle or it will cause retrograde ejaculation). PC muscle (aka Pubococcygeus muscle) feels like flexing your anus/lower back/tailbone area; feels like kind of holding shit in. BC muscle (Bulbospongiosus muscle) is more in front and you can flex it without flexing anus muscles. Both can be used to hold urine in, so they can be mistaken for each other, do not follow this guideline. Proper guideline is to flex anus/lower back/tailbone area.

    Do those for reps for few months. Then start doing holds for time. Then once they are strong enough all it takes is proper timing just before orgasm. Getting timing right can be tricky but not that hard to nail down with some practice. The hardest part is being impatient, because it takes months for building enough strenght in PC muscle for it to work.

    Good luck, bucko!
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    Thanks a lot for your reply, very informative. I came across this link : - where they talked about the "The Lazy Injaculation Method". "It involves pressing on an area or “button” called the “perineum”, which blocks the semen from escaping through the penis and is instead redirected into the bladder, which then enters the blood stream." I used this as my reference source tbf. But yeah, I'll learn how to flex my PC muscles.
  4. That article is dumb. If you do what that guy says to do then you can actually hurt yourself. Pressing (or flexing) to block the tubes can be dangerous, it causes unnatural pressure in your urethra and gets stuff in bladder which is not supposed to be there. That can cause urethra and bladder inflammation. Is it certain? No. But why risk it? And you don't reabsorb semen in bloodstream, maybe some, but 99% of it is just peed out later, so that's bullshit as well.

    Like I said, learn the proper way where you cancel ejaculation reflex completely. There should be nothing going into bladder, because nothing should leave your balls to begin with.
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  5. By this logic you can ejaculate normally and then inject your sperm into blood stream manually. This does not sound like a good idea to me.
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    ve been double retrograde ejaculation from past few years, I’ve a fear that is it okay doing that?

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