Intense sexual, fetish dreams?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by skaterdrew, May 17, 2020.

  1. skaterdrew

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    The last few nights, but particularly last night I have been getting very intense sexual, fetish dreams.

    Last night I feel as if I must of dreamt about sexual stuff the entire night. But it was like what I watch in porn was happening to me in real life in the dreams, and I dreamt about this sort of stuff the entire night.

    Why is this happening?
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  2. mi-mi-mi-do

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    This came up in a discussion group last week. It's completely normal, man. Your subconscious is dealing with the fact that something is changing. This is actually a positive thing; the most important thing to remember is that, like with wet dreams, you are not relapsing. You haven't made a decision to view this stuff.
    My experiential, and not scientific, suggestion, is this:
    I would recommend making sure that you have things throughout your day to focus on besides just avoiding porn. Study, work, chores, spending time with others, reading...something mentally stimulating like watching documentaries or reading a book would be ideal, because you're giving your brain something else to process when you go to sleep.
    I hope this helps, mate.
  3. Avenger 2.0

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    I totally agree with you. Even I got these kind of dreams for the first 30-35 days. But then this eventually faded away. When your brain isn't exposed to sex, this eventually goes away. So you must just go on and have patience.
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  4. dimk555

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    For me that always happens in the first 3-5 days. Nothing to worry about just dont let them trigger you
  5. Everyone experienced this, but it will fade away.

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