is sissy hypno permanent?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by concerned22, May 20, 2020.

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    No. If you stop watching it the effects will fade over time. Eventually with enough time away from it you will forget about it. If you keep on watching porn during this time your brain will still see things from a porn induced fetish mindset. So it’s advisable to stop watching porn as well if you can. When you have quit the sissy hypno then you can try quitting porn and masturbation for your brain to completely recover.
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    What are you methods please?
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    Hello my friend, porn of all kinds affects the mind badly and manipulates the hormone dopamine and destroys the decision-making center in the brain and damages your life, so the issue is not just watching and masturbating, but the matter is more dangerous. To begin to recover from the symptoms of pornography, you must stop watching it, block all outlets for it, avoid thinking about it, and occupy yourself with useful things such as reading, for example. .Secondly, the dopamin fast. If you want to restore your mind to normal, leave music, looking at women, masturbation and fast food for at least a week and replace them with good things, and these thoughts will go away from you after 21 days. As a Muslim, I advise you to listen to the Qur’an, which is in Arabic, and there is a translation for it, as it has a wonderful healing effect and does not have the effect of music.
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    Note: The Qur’an has a wonderful effect on healing the mind and does not have the harmful effects like music
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    I get that people are pandering and using their own personal faiths to help out but it is akin to the same kind of proletizing that sissy hypno does.

    Op, if youre worried about the impact of the hypnosis, any type of conditionning if its not reinforced, aka reinforced by consuming more hypnosis, will become extinct naturally.

    So dont consume it, and whatever it is that got to you in those videos will go away. You might still be into the ideas, but the material that isnt initially part of you will go away on its own.
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    Alhamdulilah, great recitation!
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    if you have just watched it 10 times then no worries it will wear off and yes if you want to watch porn just watch the straight one not any of the other categories... and especially sissy videos and TS ,it is demonic.

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