Is this normal? Is there a way to reverse tihs ? No longer interested in sex at 32. NOFAP 4ever

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    Sorry for typos, not native English speaker. It's my second attempt at posting this I censored everything just in case, I don't want this to end in a spam folder.

    I'm 32, both p*rn and IRL s*x no longer gets me hard at all (I'm not impotent, manual manipulation still gets me hard, it's a lack of s*xual desire). I've already lost my girlfriend of 2 years over this (2 months ago), she was not understanding at all and she was pretty mean about it throughout (and she is not the first). I've been losing interest in s*x for many years now, about 10 or so, gradually. I had trouble maintaining an e-re-ction because of barely any interest in s-x for the last 4 years. It's not my girlfriend, she was a solid 7, even p-rn with 9/10, 10/10 women also don't turn me on AT ALL. And no I'm not turning g--a-y, I watched g--a-y p*rn as well to test it, NOTHING. (I even watched other even weirder p*rn, but nothing, no movement down there and no s*xual desire).

    I already talked to two doctors about it. One of them told me there is nothing that he can do (he was a GP, general practitioner) and directed my to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist set up consulting for me I went 4-5 times, even though I knew it wouldn't help and it was really expensive. It was how I imagined it "open up about your s*xuality, don't be ashamed of your body, explore your feelings and your body, must be stress etc.." NO! I Never had issues with this and I don't have more stress than average. In fact I have less stress now than I had 6 years ago, a lot less. It felt like liberal, leftist, femi*nin-t propaganda (in fact it made me not want to have s*x more than I already did..., the psychiatrist was a woman, probably fe*i/ist, leftist probably)

    I've also taken 20-30 different supplements over 10 years they also don't help.

    I'm open to anything! I just really don't want to end up forever alone at 32, I'm not even fa---t, I'm pretty good looking with an above average sized p**nis, uncut, which seems to be more in demand nowadays than cut (according to my girlfriends) (I'm probably a 7/10) . BUT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE, UNDERSTANDING or ACCEPTANCE FOR MEN WHO ARE NO LONGER INTERESTED IN S*X! Women avoid me on dating sites if I'm honest about it! And there is no hiding this IRL. :( I'M DESPERATE! :(
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    While I've never had sexual experiences, I have dated women who dated me for reasons all their own with no consideration for how it would effect me. As of this post, I am still in my twenties, but grew up with a precocious understanding of what was expected of me. I covered my bases, just not the the proverbial bases of the dating scene. I know where my parents were coming from now when they say the relationships today are not built on the same foundations from the past. It's a shame that privacy and intimacy are not an item as much as they used to be. I see that modern-day romance has a loose moral compass yet at the same time is more progressive as you mention.

    It is a bit of a love paradox. You can do all the right things, but sometimes it feels like a chore rather than a natural and mutual feeling, especially when it is not reciprocated. Maybe your priorities have changed, which is not a bad thing. Finding someone who shares a similar scope as you do is how I would approach your current circumstance. If a woman does not see or appreciate your disinterest in sex for more important matters, then she may not be a worthy partner.

    Double standards is a two-way street; work on your priorities long enough until it gains the right notice you are looking for.
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    Firstly, dont revert to p or m just to get yourself turned on. If your not horny then just leave it alone. Using porn will worsen your problem.

    Some people have naturally low sex drives. This happens to women as well. In terms of a relationship, there are many many pleasurable things you can do to a woman without needing your penis.
    I feel like in some way youve been damaged by your ex leaving you. Just remember there is nothing wrong with being single for a little while. Use it as a chance to improve your career or health. Then stop looking for women in the wrong places. Online dating is veey superficial and difficult to do well. Work on building personal relations with women in real life. People are way mpre open minded when they see the real human side of you. You dont get that online.
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    80% flatline.
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    See another doctor. This isn't normal for someone of 32 -- it's something that happens to some old men. You should have been referred to an endocrinologist to make sure that your hormone production is normal, and perhaps to try you on testosterone. Medications, drugs, and even alcohol are also possible culprits here -- SSRI's, for example, can turn your sex drive off, and the effect in some cases is permanent. So too with some other medications.

    And it sure doesn't sound like a psychiatric issue to me. Gradual loss of interest in sex? C'mon.
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    Hes definitely in the flatline.

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