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it's wrong if edge during NoFap

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Batman_Rising, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Batman_Rising

    Batman_Rising Fapstronaut

    I have read many post/comments in which people confess that they do edging while the are on NoFap.

    Then what's the meaning of NoFap ?

    This is like, you want to quit smoking, so now you switched to vapor (electric cigarettes without nicotine) lol. Eventually you are taking smoke inside your body.

    Same here, you don't ejaculate or reach to orgasm while masturbating, but you have done 90% of the whole procedure.

    Just a thought. Do whatever you wan't to do !!!
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  2. Batman_Rising

    Batman_Rising Fapstronaut

    Absolutely right , man!

    If you edge during NoFap , that means you are still on PMO. This is my opinion.

    You can fool people, but you can't fool yourself !!
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  3. Justince

    Justince Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    It depends. If lets say we are deliberately jerking our dicks without releasing, thats like trying to cheat the NoFap challenge and its edging.

    However if we're unconsciously rubbing our genitals, we realized it and stopped immediately, I won't count that as an official edging. The egoic PMO-fueled mind will try to crave for more PMO when its starved and it does so by subconsciously making us 'play with our genitals' without even knowing. We have to discipline our minds, train it to not crave for it by diverting our attentions, and move on.

    Thats my two cents on whats edging and whats not
  4. IGY

    IGY Guest

    This is what the man himself, Gary Wilson ("we're not worthy"), says on his website.

    Some men attempting the rebooting process believe that as long as they avoid ejaculation, they are successfully rebooting. This bizarre logic leads to a practice common to Internet porn users, called edging. This is masturbating up to the edge of orgasm, then stopping to cool things down, then revving up again. Three common versions of edging:
    1. Watching porn without masturbating
    2. Masturbating while viewing porn, but not ejaculating
    3. Masturbating without porn and without ejaculating

    Since a reboot is defined as no porn or porn substitutes 1 & 2 make no sense. Edging while viewing porn (or fantasizing about porn) is far worse than simply having an orgasm and getting it over with. Why is that? It all comes down to dopamine.

    Addiction-related brain changes and sexual (Pavlovian) conditioning are initiated by:

    1. Dopamine levels which are higher than levels attained through natural means (drugs, for example)
    2. Moderate dopamine levels that remain elevated for long periods
    3. Combo of 1 & 2
    If you are edging to porn you are combining naturally high dopamine levels of masturbation with the dopamine raising abilities of 1) exciting, novel visuals 2) searching the net for porn 3) finding surprising or shocking genres. Edging can keep dopamine levels elevated for hours, and train the brain to require constant visual stimulation, rapid-fire novelty, clicking from scene to scene, and your own hand. None of this matches real sex.

    High dopamine tells the reward circuit that "This activity is really, really important, and you should do it again and again.” Forget the possibility of addiction-related brain changes. Chronically high dopamine is conditioning your sexual arousal to everything associated Internet porn use. You are now training for the wrong sport. It's like spending your time hitting golf balls in order to become great basketball player.

    Worse than training for the wrong sport, you may be taking yourself out of the game all together. Dopamine is odd. It really shoots up when something is better than expected, but drops when expectations are not met. Rewiring your sexuality to Internet porn means you unconsciously expect to be a voyeur controlling your dopamine with a mouse. When real sex doesn't match porn, dopamine plummets - along with your excitement and erections.

    What about edging without using porn? Depends on your goals I guess. Keep in mind that YBOP is about Internet porn, not masturbation (hello nofap/reddit). Is it similar to simply staying close to the edge with a partner? Not exactly, because you are wiring your sexual response to your own hand. Having sex means you are wiring your sexual response to another person. This may be significant to visitors who are dealing with sexual dysfunctions.

    It's important to realize that sexual stimulation is by far the highest level of dopamine naturally produced. Dopamine is at its peak when on the verge of orgasming (edging). In the pre-Internet days, guys would usually masturbate, orgasm and be done with it - it might take 10 minutes or so. At orgasm, prolactin rises, which drops dopamine to baseline levels and inhibits its release. That normally spells some relief.

    Placing your foot on the dopamine gas, without ever hitting the brake (prolactin) results in a continuous state of cravings without satisfaction. This practice of edging calls to mind the earliest experiments on the reward circuitry of the brain in which animals would stimulate themselves over and over, braving electrical shocks and ignoring willing mates.

    In the end, chronically high levels of dopamine (in conjunction with a specific stimulus) are the trigger for addiction, as over-stimulation of the reward circuit leads to the accumulation of DeltaFosB, activation of genes, and specific brain changes. As the sustained molecular switch for addiction, DeltaFosB initiates both behavioral and chemical addictions. Yet one of its evolutionary purposes is sexual conditioning. It rewires the reward circuit to sexual cues in the environment and makes "sex" even more enticing. If your sexual environment is Internet porn, that's what your reward circuit expects....and craves.
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  5. Bad thing man! Bad indeed!

    Every single time I fapped I also edged, I mean EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME! Indidn't know that this was bad thing unitl I came here.

    Let's put it in this way, jerk off once is bad, but if you jerk off once while edging it's like actually jerking off x5.
  6. freedom457

    freedom457 Fapstronaut

    I agree with IGY, this is why I created my second counter for intentionally viewing any triggering material which is a great challenge but of high importance in removing these neural pathways.

    'My theory was that it was linked to not ejaculating, and testosterone and such. So I did nofap, but still looked at pictures of pretty girls, or porn, or edged...anything I could to boost my T-levels, without ejaculating...but without results. This time, I decided to do nofap, not for the energy, but because I was again tired of my daily PMO routine - and I would stick with it, in hard mode, even without superpowers.'

    One of the posts on YBOP

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