Let's make a list of withdrawal symptoms

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    Hey is it possible occur withdrawal symptoms after relapsed cuz i feel the same way too anxiety depression and also fatigue all this symptoms suddenly attack after i relapsed
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    Yup same here. Insomnia scares the shit out of me. It ruins your day and then you hot bloodshot eyes.
  3. M4rv1n cinco

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    -Intense fantasies
    -Cravings to relapse just once
    -Getting distracted
    -Feelings of despair

    It's part of the journey, who said it would be easy B-)
  4. Overtraining. ..
    It's probably rare.
    day 5 previous streak ...
    I was so crazy that I did pull-ups from morning to evening almost 30 minutes...
    Next day woke up paralysed and so sore, I was unable to move.. Relapsed eventually .
    I always fell for this...
    not this time..
  5. I am having the same symptoms even on day 40. why?
  6. HopefulAndrew

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    A lot of these symptoms are exactly the same as GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)...maybe we just have an anxiety disorder? And were using porn to suppress them, and now that we stopped it all came to the surface much stronger and is harder to deal with? IDK i Would still get some of these symptoms while PMOing but not as amplified, more of a mild form. Just my thoughts, what do you guys think?
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  7. You are right, we suppress them with porn. It is even worst because porn make us weak and we are stuck in the loop so we can't fight those fears. But when we stop using porn as an escape and fight those fears it is much more easier to deal with them and eventually we can beat them. But the main problem is we use porn instead of fight them. If you also try to fight those fears and at the same time you are addicted to porn you will not be able or it it will be very hard to beat them because porn make us very weak mentally.
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  8. takezawa2

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    Feels so good to know I’m not alone.

    -dealing with intrusive thoughts is the hardest one for me.

    - bursts of energy (I can literally feel it inside of my gut- it feels like a fire ball floating in my stomach ) which can be used to focus on productive tasks.
  9. Tryingto

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    This is one of the most helpful and affirming threads I've seen in a while. I'm presently struggling to find my way back on track and reading all of these withdrawal symptoms is really lightening the sense of isolation and wrongness I feel. I read through the posts here and again and again find myself muttering, 'Yes. Yes. I relate. That's so my experience...'

    These sharing also bring my back to something I so often lose sight of in recovery. To my understanding, this whole thing is not necessarily about being 'positive' in the sense of 'It's all great!' Instead, it's about looking clearly and honestly at my life and responding appropriately - in a manner that is aligned with basic human dignity. Reading all of the clarity and frankness expressed on these pages reminds me of this fact. I can feel it helping my reorient to my life in this way, at least a little bit.

    So thanks one and all.

    May we do the next right thing.
  10. fishfoody

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    These are my experience

    I feel like a shit for no reason

    The feeling in which you feel that something bad/bad luck will happen to those who just fapped. It always happen after pmo and i cant explain why.

    Laziness and wanting to sleep all the time

    Stomach issues.

    You feel like you are racing against time. You feel reckless and cant keep calm no matter how hard you try.

    You have weird speech problems. You have problems articulate your thoughts.

    You daydream more

    You have no desire to watch naked women and porn. Your sexual desire decreased to 0

    You have no goal in life. You think life is not worth fighting anymore. You have no excitement to pursue your dream anymore.


    Weird popping sounds and ringing in ears.

    Everything seems boring

    You take life way too serious. You can be angry at anytime for any reason.

    You dont enjoy your food anymore. You just eat for the sake of eating.

    You notice that people around you can sense what is wrong with you. Its like they know something has changed inside of you and they treat you accordingly.

    Its hard to maintain eye contacts

    Cold and flu and runny nose always come to you

    Eyes fatigue


    Its hard to think. Your brain is barely functional. Its hard to do calculation and logical thinking

    You often do errors when working or doing chores or studying.


    Your smelling sense (nose) decreases.

    You feel like you will die alone and addicted to porn in tragic way and nobody can help you.

    Frequent urination

    Foams in urine

    Involuntary Semen discharge when pooping or peeing or when you strain too hard.

    Urinary incontinence. You always somehow leak a bit of urine in your pant no matter what you do.

    You start to hate everyone for no reason.
  11. I would have to agree. I thought I had dealt with my anxiety but it seems to be coming back since getting this far into nofap. I've also been dealing with a lot of headaches and stress. Perhaps also symptoms.

    ALPHAandOMEGA Fapstronaut

    I never in my wildest dreams imagined PMO withdrawal could be so intense! Have been trying to quit for 4 months now with my longest streak being 40 days. Im up to 97 total days “Sober” and I’m sure I’m not helping myself with all the relapses but here is the hell I have been going through.

    • Panic Attacks (by far the worst symptom... CBD gummies are helping keep this under control now after, no joke, 30 ER trips in a 4 month span)
    • Hypochondria/General Anxiety (Was in denial a long time assuming this couldn’t be withdrawals from PMO, there had to be something wrong with me. 4 Primary care doctors and 11 specialists later, yup, it’s withdrawals. And I have Stanford Health Care so I know these are good doctors)
    • Brain Fog (This lasted about 2 months but has cleared up now)
    • Insomnia (Still get this pretty bad at times, especially after relapse, but is starting normalize now)
    • Stomach Issues - Mostly Nausea (I’m guessing this is a byproduct of the anxiety but I started taking Manuka Honey, UMF 24, daily and it helps a lot)
    • General Fatigue/Weakness (This got really bad at about the 3 month mark but is improving since I starting implementing the Wim Hof Method into my life and more exercise)
    • Very Mild Vertigo - Feels like my equilibrium is slightly off (Dr’s can’t find a cause for this and are chalking it up to Anxiety, so I’ll chalk it up to the withdrawals causing the anxiety)
    • Jitters (This one just recently started, my friends tell me I look like a recovering crack addict constantly fidgeting nervously with my shirt and clothes)
    • Lightheaded ness (This one was pretty rough and generally kicked off a panic attack and an ER visit. This was back in month 2 and I haven’t had it for a while)
    • Feet/Hands Always Cold (This one is super weird as I NEVER used to be cold. Ever. Bought some compression gloves and socks to help with the blood flow but they haven’t arrived yet)
    • Appetite All Over The Place (Sometimes I have to force myself to eat, other times I can’t stop eating)
    • Silent Migraines (These were pretty annoying for like a month as they make you sensitive to light & sound and it’s hard to function while you are having one - “Silent” means you have no headache but all the other symptoms of a migraine)
    • Constant Chest Tightness (This lasted the first month and then I switched to the Buteyko breathing method and like magic it was gone)
    There is probably more I’m missing but yea, pure hell..... I wouldn’t wish this in my worst enemy. It has completely crashed my quality of life. Thank you to this community as reading your guys struggles and overcoming of those struggles give me hope
  13. Fishn1

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    Short response as I have to go to work soon.
    Extreme lethargy
    Total loss of self esteem
    Imagining being the fall guy for everyone around me and they pick up on it and act
    Very irritable even towards my cats
    Feelings of rejection
    Have to settle for doing chores and nothing productive
    If I try something productive I'm in a wash of shame
    Berating and sometimes even yelling at myself
    Feeling defeat again I told you so
    I can count on a day of a "hangover" the next day
    It will fuck up my whole week sometimes
    Projects get put on hold
    Do easy things or chores
    Low energy
    Giving other people power over you
    Imagining they are criticizing you
    Become own worst critic
    War and conflict within myself
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  14. outkasted

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    Here are the ones I've had
    1. Feeling lethargic - no energy
    2. Insomnia
    3. Congestion
    4. Back Pain
    5. Headaches
    6. Anger
    7. Intrusive thoughts and fantasies
    8. Vivid and erotic dreams
    9. Difficulty concentrating
    10. Sleepiness during the day
    11. Intense morning horniness
    12. Paranoia
    13. Difficulty getting out of bed
    14. Spine tingling
    15. Neck Pain

    In my 4 attempted nofap streaks these symptoms are at the worst at the 10 day point, and I've succumbed twice during that time. I'm on my second longest streak currently.
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  15. PerseveranceToday

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    Thank god for this thread. So many seemingly "weird" withdrawals I've had that are shared by people here, so reassuring.
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  16. Jarad999

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    Here are the list of withdrawal symptoms i am going through.

    -Social Aniexty
    -Brain Fog
    -Low Self Esteem
    -Low Concentration
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  17. IGY

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    It is tough, I know. But you are doing so well, and these symptoms will fade and disappear in time. How long is different for each person. Just keep your guard up. Otherwise, you will have to go through this all again. o_O Best of luck my friend. <3
  18. Ricardo26

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    Please stop scaring people
  19. Ricardo26

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    Please Stop scaring people
  20. Ricardo26

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    What do you mean with this Involuntary Semen discharge when pooping or peeing or when you strain too hard.

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