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  2. Nice find
    From what I remember, other than nofap and eating healthy, there are ways to convert qi to jing. Some suggest tantra can help with this but I don't think it's vital. Chaga mushrooms are great for cultivation of jing. A good natural electrolyte would be good too. Make sure you have all the major trace minerals covered. I use Sole water with iodine, b vitamins, vitamin c, and calcium. Some say jing can't be restored. I tend to disagree with this. It may be more dense and seem harder to cultivate than qi but it's probably just a matter of long term habits.
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    Nice article! I've been practicing the Microcosmic Orbit for about 2 years, mostly through Chia's books. I can attest to all these benefits. Everything the article says has been true for me. It is possible to have multiple orgasms and whole-body orgasms as a man. The goal is to separate orgasm from ejaculation. This takes time but can be done with practice. It's also possible to make sex a spiritual experience between you and your partner (or with oneself alone - but I don't believe in masturbation). After getting into these methods, I don't think I've had a sex partner who didn't tell me I was their best experience ever. I attribute this to the energy work that I've been doing.

    For anyone interested in Eastern spirituality, I also strongly recommend Refuge Recovery. It's an addiction recovery program based on Buddhism. It can really help with PMO addiction. Taoism and Buddhism are similar in many ways. The way I see it, the Taoist practices work the sexual energy (Jing) and the Buddhist practices work the spiritual energy (the heart, Shen).

    For years I practiced the sexual methods (learned from Chia's book on multiple orgasms for men) but I didn't have any spiritual heart practice. I was still attached to PMO and looking at p*** of all kinds. My heart was clogged by negative emotions and shame. And so the benefits I got from the practice were minimal. It took me a long time to figure out how important the heart practices are - I mean things like positive intention, loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness, etc. Also breath meditation, mindfulness, etc. They make a huge difference to your whole being and help your sexual energy.

    My advice, don't make the same mistake I did! When you do sexual practices (Jing), also focus on heart practices (Shen) - even if it feels weird at first, like it did for me. Refuge Recovery is a great start on Shen work for recovering addicts like us. It will do wonders for your PMO addiction and will help make you a better lover.

    Quote from the article:
    "By circulating the sexual energy through the heart, sexual union is elevated to something more profound than just release; it becomes a spiritual communion. ... In the genuine Taoist thought, however, this is only possible if the sexual essence is spiritually guided and purified by the heart, only then can its virtue transform into Chi. That’s why the Taoists who want to achieve true inner cultivation only practice sexual methods with utmost care and respect towards their sexual partner. ... Preserving this essential purity throughout the whole practice requires deep compassion and stillness in the heart-mind."
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  4. That hit a nerve. Thank you for this. I was unknowingly doing this practice a few months ago and my life has changed completely since then. Now I know that it wasn't a vain practice. I really need to utilize this with nofap. Time has a way of making us doubt and forget even the most incredible experiences.
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    I know what you mean, especially with spiritual or emotional experiences, anything that you can't really put your finger on. Journaling can help keep track of them tho.

    Totally agree, nofap becomes a lot more meaningful if you add a spiritual dimension to it. It can keep you motivated and give you something to do with the energy you're saving. (Though looking forward to getting laid can be good too :)
  6. I actually have a copy of The Multi-Orgasmic Man, and have done so for at least 15 years. I haven't ever gotten far into it because I was a callow youth, but i might break out after I get through Jeremy Hayward's Sacred World.

    On to the actual reason I stumbled into this thread; how does jing go when it comes to cold showers. I once had a flatmate who was a qigong master-in-training, and he cautioned against cold showers, particularly after a workout. He suggested starting hot, then drawing the temperature down over time. I don't know if he was right about that, but he was the first person to advise against M. Of course, I wasn't going to listen to him - I'd just figured out (at a rather late 22) how to do the damn thing, physiology be damned. Towards the end of our year together I was abstaining for weeks on end, but as mentioned elsewhere, I was callow, and I didn't take things well.

    Thank you for this thread.
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    I'm.exceedingly jealous... For some reason I cannot get to that site. I wish I had a desk top to try it on incase it's my phone
  8. This is an amazing program. I have studied it extensively and been very successful. It is an amazing altered state of awareness.
  9. Is that Multi-Orgasmic Man or Scared World? I'm a little sceptical of Hayward's 'Shambhala Warrior' line of reasoning, but history and the world has made me a lot more hard-bitten than I should be. I have no doubts about M-OM, and as part of greater lifestyle changes (which I may or may not make in the future) it has a greater effect.
  10. MOM and cultivating male sexuality.
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    I definitely agree with your flatmate. A Taoist would say that cold showers emphasize one extreme in temperature at the expense of the other. I've noticed that most people who root for cold showers have a stoic perspective. They talk about disciplining the body and acting as if the cold doesn't affect them. To a Taoist this philosophy is one-sided and even dishonest to our nature. Extreme cold hurts, and pain causes an imbalance in the body. I wouldn't be surprised if cold showers (when done on their own and to an extreme) cause an energy imbalance in the long run. In Taoism Jing converts to Qi and then to Shen (ultimately connecting us with the Tao). To my mind, these conversions happen through unifying the yin and the yang opposites. Each type of energy has a yin (-) and a yang (+) pole. When they are brought to balance the energy elevates to the next level.

    My preferred approach on showers is contrast hydrotherapy - alternating the hot and cold and going equally in each direction. This fits well with the general Taoist principle of unifying opposites. There is actually a practice in Taoism called Kan-Li meditation where a person imagines yin (a cold quality) coupling with yang (a hot quality) to produce a feeling of pulsation in the body.

    This question came up in another thread recently, you might find it useful: There's more here on hydrotherapy.

  12. I recall his advocating on the showers after he took us through a 'mild' (?) qigong routine during August afternoons in Hong Kong, which were humid. I have personal experience using 'cold' (unheated) water for washing due to months living in Indonesia as a teenager. Locals use a method of bathing called mandi, which doesn't heat the water, and I guess much of the world has similar concepts. Beyond the first day or two, one's body usually adapts, and I recall once leaving for a much colder climate it took me several days to think about using warm water. I'm not advocating ice-cold water, but the temperature water is as it comes out of the tap unheated. I've noted that 'cold' showers actually warm after a minute or two of use.

    Thank you for the link on hydrotherapy. I'll read it when I'm not about to go to work.
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    , This is a great article. It gave me a lot of useful information. thank you very much.
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    The article is very helpful to me. Thank you!

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