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    Hi guys,
    sometimes i feel lonely in my life. it is a feeling that comes at different times. For example. Sometimes it comes when i comeback from hanging out with my friends or seeing my girlfriend, or something. I just feel completely empty and lonely. and rn in regards of making my life better I have read the book habits which made me combat one of my greatness fap moments. i used to fap after work. however, i started showering right after work and grooming and taking a nap. i recommend that book guys. However, i have other big fap moments like when i feel sad. please someone give me advices.
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  2. You have a girlfriend and you have friends... why are you feeling lonely? When you feel depressed, you are fapping because you want to change your emotional state from sad to euphoric. Masturbating stimulates dopamine in your brain. I'm concerned when you say you feel empty. Are you in love with your girlfriend. True love is amazing, it makes you feel like you can do anything, be anyone, conquer the world... That's how you should feel having a girlfriend and being in love..
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  3. same here, need brain rewire
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    also lonely but always try to keep calm and postive
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    thanks guy so much, it is true i need to be rewired for real, however it is really really hard/
  6. I'm also a loner,I got no girlfriend, no friends, just family(who I don't stay with). I experience those moments of utter emptiness and loneliness too. And i know how terrible they make one feel. Whenever they strike,I just distract myself either by working out or solving puzzles . That works for me!
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    Just be comfortable in your own skin, and you have a support group of friends and family and your girlfriend. I do not have all three. Just two at the most that I listed above and I am figuring out that I am finding my "solution," to my problem whenever I "hit" these strong urges to masturbate. I do not even have a girlfriend and I only have one companion who I keep in touch with over ten years now. Ever since high school. I hope that whatever you do, it will work out for you. Good speed ahead my friend.
  8. I know how you are feeling. Since I've made a couple of changes I have quite a lot of "highs" throughout the day but for example every time I'm coming back home I feel that utter loneliness and sadness. It really hits me hard every single time. I'm not depressive or anything really bad so I can just go over and read, watch a movie etc. I'm just sad. It's like since I started NoFap I suddenly see clearer what I'm missing the most in my life.

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