Medication to cure ED permanently

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by RachelThorpe, Mar 14, 2019.

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    I would like like to know whether there is a cure for erectile dysfunction. Is there any scientifically proven medication that can cure ED permanently?
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    ED in itself should NEVER be cured with medication. It's most commonly a sign of either impared blood flow (which is caused by age related diseases) or rewired brain circuits (caused by porn addiction).

    Medical professionals refer to ED as "the canary in the coal mine", meaning it's an early warning sign of something that has gone awry. We should always aim to treat the disease and never the symptoms.
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    The medication for ED induced by pornography is the rebooting process. It really works, but it takes a few months of no touching or masturbation. After that there is a period of slow reintegration. After I quit porn and met my fiance, it took a few times for things to come full circle, just because I was anxious about things not working quite right. That went away quickly! This nofap rebooting stuff is a real cure for it, it definitely works if its given some time.

    For ED not caused by pornography I agree with Lilla ^. Medication only treats symptoms. The first course of action should be some common sense stuff: improved diet and exercise.

    I know these things are not directly answering your question, but I've been through the ringer with PIED. I even tried to order a Chinese made drug, which made it feel like I was having a heart attack! And it barely worked. The best hope for a guy suffering from it is quitting porn, exercise, and a healthy diet. That's the basket to put eggs into.
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