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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BurgerChamp, Jul 1, 2020.

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    Hi. Are there any fapstronauts here who undergo this journey without the practice of meditation?

    Personally, I do not perform this exercise because I just don't really acknowledge it that much and have little understanding of it. Just wanna know if there are people similar to me. Likewise, I want to know if you've been successful on your journey without it.

    On the contrary, I'd also like to hear from the ones who exercise this habit. What makes you keep doing it? and what are the benefits? does it really help you with your journey?
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    hey Burgerchamp,

    glad you ask the question. During my last few years I´ve praticed meditation more or less on a daily basis, whether if it would be through a walk in the woods, at home sitting or in town waiting for the bus. At many times meditation gave me a break of the on going things and helped me to set back my focus on whats right in front of me. While meditation alone is already enhancing your power by rinsing yourr mind, it wasn´t the only thing contributing to my breakthroughes. Keeping a handwritten journal is part of my growth too, here I can document and get smart about what I want and how things go. Without a journal I had slacked way more instead with logging one. In my opinion both are great methods to accompany yourself in the journey.
  3. Meditation is probably the second most important thing for me when it comes to staying on the path and not straying back to PMO. By that I mean that it's the thing second most likely to correlate with a relapse if I stop doing it. The first is having some sort of creative outlet (right now, drawing).

    Meditation helps me to organise my thoughts and be aware of what I'm thinking. That means I'm aware of when my mind is starting to stray towards dangerous thoughts that could lead to relapse - and if I'm aware of that fact I can take action to change it.

    There's also a whole host of other reasons I do it: a sense of wellbeing, mental clarity and so on. But that's the most important reason for staying sober.

    You don't have to go to some monastery in Tibet and sit down for days at a time to meditate! This is the series I use regularly:

    The shortest meditation in that series is 3 minutes. 180 seconds! Not a massive time commitment. You don't have anything to lose but 3 minutes of your day by trying it out.
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    Hey man, thank you and that's a wonderful insight. I do have a hand-written journal that I write to once in a while. That's because I moved to writing my online nofap journal here instead of pen and paper. haha!

    Thank you for the link bro! I'm checking it right now. :)
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