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  1. aaron92

    aaron92 Fapstronaut

    Anyone else into meditation?
    I am an atheist, but I meditate regularly- last night I listened to this meditation video before I went to sleep and it gives emotions and sensations which nothing can really describe:
  2. Ubjamin

    Ubjamin Fapstronaut

    Haven't really ever meditated so I don't know if I did it right haha. I logged on to the forum to fend off some urges I was getting and this video helped to clear my mind of all that junk. It helped me some, thanks man.

    Are you supposed to like close your eyes and sit cross legged? It was easier to picture what he was saying when my eyes were closed.
  3. aaron92

    aaron92 Fapstronaut

    I tend to meditate sat on my bed with my eyes closed. Glad to hear it helped :) I've been having moderate to strong urges today and I'm determined to get through tonight, hopefully meditation will help me.
  4. Blue

    Blue Fapstronaut

    Meditation helps me, too, but I need to practice more. There's an app called "Insight Timer" that has helped me a lot, and now it has guided meditations, too.
  5. Vortis

    Vortis Fapstronaut

    I just posted about this on my journal- meditation has been incredibly helpful to process the various emotions that appeared during the reboot, as well as explore unanswered questions about relationship problems etc.

    Also, I tried meditating to porn today- not literally. I tried my best to recall some of my go-to porn scenes and really observe how I react to it, but not judge it as a good or bad thing- but just as a thing that is.

    I became aroused obviously but it was just a part of observing the chain of events which occur in the PMO cycle. I don't believe it's hurt my streak, perhaps in the short term but definitely not the long term. It's given me some insight on how not to feel attached to porn rather than resisting it.
  6. Discipline

    Discipline Fapstronaut

    I tried meditating a few times, but I haven't quite figured out how to do it yet. I tried the breathing in and out technique, but I am not able to clear my mind of thoughts yet. I guess I need more practise :).
  7. dajota

    dajota Fapstronaut

    I am not a Buddhist, but I find this site very helpful for myself: Hope some of you will find it helpful as well.

    The technique of 'labeling' (or what the website calls "mental noting") whatever one is currently experiencing is a good way of being in the present and focusing on my breathing.

    I am quite a beginner at meditating too and find myself easily distracted. But I try to meditate during baths and before I sleep (essentially times when I am most likely to give in to MO) for about 5 minutes thereabouts. I find that this routine helps me to refocus as to WHY I am doing nofap and so that I do not stray away from my goals.

  8. Mark

    Mark Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Yes meditation definitely helps with EVERYTHING IMHO!! But please don't approach it too eagerly as people tend to think it doesn't work because they had all the wrong expectations etc. Probably just to establish a habit of simply sitting still and just 'noticing' your thoughts and how you feel etc. Even if its just 5 mins, just establish the habit and then you can increase times and learn more as you go along. Probably the most important attitudes to adopt when practicing meditation are;

    Non-judging- don't judge your experience, just let it be etc, people usually judge too quickly and end up quitting declaring it doesn't work etc. Try notice that there's a part of you that is doing the judging and simply notice it (and if you find a part of yourself judging the part of you that judges THINK 'what IS that part? Is there another layer I can peel back and simply become the 'observer'?)

    Patience- take it easy...(but take it!!)

    Begginers mind - always bring view your experience afresh, you'll l be surprised what you can discover when you stop allowing your conditioned responds to run the show!


    Non striving


    Letting go

    And please remember meditation is a practice and NOT necessarily about experiencing moments of divine bliss and no-mind (although with practice these are more than possible!) The practice element is that your mind WILL wonder but you simply notice it and then bring tour mind back to the breath (or whatever your focus is) using all the ideas mentioned above and you simply let it be. The thing is this 'practice' will overspill into daily life etc.Learn more, try it, 'practice' it and it can have seriously profound effects upon your life (but you got to do it regularly and not just as some quick fix etc!;-))

    Just suggestions B-)
  9. Mark

    Mark Distinguished Fapstronaut

    "We cannot be present and run our story-line at the same time."
    By Pema Chodron

    I was just reading something and I came across the quote above which I thought was worth adding to this thread as it rings so true. In mindfulness/meditation we 'practice' being more present in this moment and as the quote says when we are 'present' our 'story' (which includes our conditioned habitual responses) loses its power over us and I know of nothing that can help us achieve 'presence' that is more effective than regular 'practice' of meditation. And just as a point of interest (in case it concerns anyone) we don't have to be a Buddhist or anything else to practice meditation and yet it can be practiced by anyone to complement any exsisting practices if need be etc

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