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    Hello Guy's

    Im on the nofap journey for a couple off weeks now and my life is really going up now :) (after 5 years off struggling and fear and alllll of that shit)

    But i also meditate with it and want to share with you guys what i do and how because i have the feeling that it's doing a lot off good shit with me

    I meditate by just observing the breathing so just focus on how you're belly is going up and down don't try to change anything, feel anything or control anything. Just observe i do this when i lay in my bed, when i can't sleep, i try to do this when im driving my car, i try to do this when im on my work (every time i think about it)

    I've found out that when you absolutely focus on the breathing you can't think the automatic think patterns and that is the negative shit it's like the energy moves out off it and it begins to feel like a battle on the one hand you try to focus on the breathing on the other hand there are the think patterns that wants you attention it want to suck you up in the story in youre head

    If you pratice this every you think about it the breathing focus will strengthen and the automatic think patterns are slowly losing there energy every time it will be a little easier to just put youre focus away from it to the breathing and i believe that when pratice enough you win it of the automatic think patterns and you will be free and no longer a slave off youre own facking mind with all the bullshit off the past that it's repeating over and over and over again.

    Seriously give it a try guy's
    Try it for one week and then decide if it's helping you or not.
    it easy as shit you can do it every where every moment off the day

    One example and then i shut up haha
    For example you try this and focus on the breathing you do it for 10 seconds and then you are going like, this shit is not working and blablabla be aware that, the shit is not working thinking is the automatic think pattern and when you listen to it. It have's you. Don't listen to the thinking off, this shit is not working. Just focus on the breathing. Believe me this is fast going better and easier after a couple off times.

    And also when you can't find the motivation or you think i do it tomorrow be aware that this is the automatic think pattern. This is how it try's to suck you in

    The automatic think pattern doesn't want to change. It wants you hold you in the way you have always lived i believe this was a great thing in the survival off our spieces but we don't live in the jungle anymore haha so we have to take control by our selfs. And program our own program in our mind

    Hope you guys have something about it

    Let me know what you think about it below this and also if you try this let me know youre experience and if you struggle let me know i will try to help.

    Peace out guys im going monkmode haha
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  2. A41:14A

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    Hey mate, great to see you here on NF.. welcome!
    (the meditation you're doing will greatly assist your Journey - you're already in front imo!)
    although please allow me to suggest Mohammad Ali's quote? "Don't count the days, make the days count".. (for me this quote is huge)
    can i suggest making a 7 day challenge for yourself, building on that to 14 days, 21, 30, 45 and so on..
    (you'll hit your 90 before you know it!) all the best! :)
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  3. Nielsnlnl

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    Thxs dude that's a good one the longest is now 2 weeks in a row without fapping but i've fuvked it up this week 3 times so this is day 1 for me now. I don't underatabd the quote exactly what do you mean be let the days count?
  4. daniel193

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    Thanks, that's a great explanation. Can I ask where did you learn to meditate? Did you read a book, watch a YouTube video, use an app?

    I would love to try it but struggling to know where to start.
  5. Panthera pardus

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    i agree, Meditation helps allot. There are many ways to meditate. I find it hard to only focus on the breathing, but its shurly working good and the most common way.

    I made a retreat and learned Vipassanameditation. In Vipassana, you can focus on everything you like during the Meditation, it could be an emotion or a bunch of stupid have to come back to the breathing now and then. The idea is to breath through the "Shit" and the silence comes afterwards. It does work well for me, if you are interested in this, you find allot of infos about Vipassana in the internet.
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  6. daniel193

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    Thanks, I will check out Vipassana
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  7. Nielsnlnl

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    I've learn it after a lot off struggle and emotional pain. I have done it now for days no idea how much but a lot.

    Just try to observe how you breath and you don't observe by thinking because then you are thinking haha. Focus on the breathing and observe how youre belly goes up and down after a while there is no observer more just youre belly going up and down. (The idea observer is a thought)

    It will go better with pratice every time you can hold you're focus on the breathing you make it stronger even if it is 3 seconds.

    And what i also want to say is that there is no magic way to meditate in my eyes it all comes down on the same thing letting go of thinking and stay focus you can't automatically think and staying focus.

    And don't forget that you try to change something that you have done for years so give it a little time and pratice haha

    (For example when im watch tv i try to also be aware of me breathing it is hard but you can do it. Normal you watch tv and think automatically a lot off shit and youre attention drives slowly away from the tv to the thoughts and then after 2 or 3 minuts you wakeup and focus on the tv again. When you focus on the breathing and watch tv you can't think automatically you force yourself to stay focus and in the moment and when you try this then you begin to battle against youre own mind (this is the automatic though program that you have developed from youre birth with also all the negative shit into it) and that's what you have to train every time you do it it will strengthen you a little bit more)
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    I have been meditating 20 minutes at least once a day and maybe throw in another 15-20 minute meditation in there. It helps. Do it.

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