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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by suben380, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Hi. I am almost Day 6 in to nofap.

    I need help. Since I started nofap I have gotten pretty depressed and anxious. It has gotten worse.

    I'm so lonely and my life is boring. When I fapped, I didn't really mind this as much. All I did was stay home and be on my phone/computer. But now that my brain is returning to normal I can feel the loneliness, and it is excruciating. The worst part is, I don't know am I capable of getting friends. I don't know do I know how to get friends. My voice has become a little clearer and more understandable since I started nofap.
    I'm 16 years old.

    Every time I see people with friends or an attractive girl, I get really sad. It has gotten to the point I have suicidal thoughts.

    I don't even have enough motivation to do something about it because my brain is so overwhelmed.

    I went swimming today and I didnt enjoy it like I normally do. I had very low motivation and kept having thoughts about how I will die alone. The thought of dying alone really scares me.

    Sorry I don't mean to complain, I just need to get this out. By the way is it normal to feel like this during nofap?
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    Hi there @suben380 !

    you have to be proud for having started one of the greatest challenges of your life! As all the great challenges, our NoFaP streaks are not easy at all. They require mental and physical strenght, patience and they cause you pain, moments of darkness, but at the same time the reward will be greater than sorrow. You've started since a bunch of days and your brain in trying to rewire to its default mode, erasing everything connected to PMO.
    Your low mood is probably due to the so called "flatline" (on the forum you can find loads of pages explaining everything about it) and no one knows how much time it's going to last. The certain thing is that it passes and your anxiety and depression will be gone with it.

    As for your social of the thing my streak is teaching me is "getting out of my comfort zone". You should repeat to yourself this every morning as soon as you open your eyes. The streak will impact on your confidence but you should work on it too. Get a gym subscription, attend a yoga course (always full of girls) or your local church (where you can find many lads for sure). I guess you attend school...well, be more friendly with people in your classroom and defeat the social anxiety (which is just our mental barrier). You probably have a family...start from it! Discuss with them, take part in more in your family life and start building your new life from there! Next time you'll be at the swimming pool try to say hi to someone and start even a stupid discussion!

    Please, clear your mind of negative thoughts and start thinking positive and you'll se your life will change!

    Get out of your comfort zone! You shoud be proud of youself and your strenght!

    Good luck bro! We are here for you!
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  3. that is quite common for people to be anxious or depressed when your quitting this habbit,. but with time you will feel much better, I should think!!!
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  4. HopeFaith

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    I am on my day 8 and really depressed too. When we stop fapping, the reality we are running away from starts steering us in our face, and I is always painful. Until now you have been taking a painkiller so you were oblivious to your pain. This is your body craving its drug and trying to trick you into giving in. Many man can have severe depression, brain fog, loss of libido, low energy. I am having crazy mood swings and I just cry a lot. I call it a zombie land phase. The thing is, if you persist and withstand your temptations and depressive thought you will start seeping gradual improvement. Read the success storied of those who made it out. Once you are out of your addiction you will have the energy and confidence to have girlfriend and friends. You just have to do the work. Pain first pleasure later.
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    You are 16 and you realized your problem. That is great wisdom and I must say you are also very lucky. Not only that, you are fighting it. When you stay strong, you will stand until the end and you will get out of this mess as a hero! It is not gonna be easy, but it will get easier as you are getting stronger. An alpha will come out from you and those attractive girls make you sad now will be sad themselves when you are not around. The thing is '' Are you gonna face the real life or you go pmo and live in fantasy '' I wish I knew these in your age. I am 29 years old and I am on day 47 hard mode, by that I can tell you it only gets better. You can do it!

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