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  1. After relapsing time and time again on the 90 days challenge .... And I am not complaining, I'm still new to this NoFap challenge, though I have tried several times in the past outside the nofap community and obviously without any success. Today, Just a few moments ago after my relapse , I asked my self this question, "What if I was guaranteed to walk with 1 Million dollars in cash after completing the 90 day challenge or even a year, would that encourage me to Quit PMO" basing my question on a scenario I made up in my head, my answer was a loud "Hell yeessss" .

    Now unfortunately in the real world there's no one going around handing out millions of dollars rewarding folks for not fapping. But I realized my enthusiasm when answering my own question with no doubt, I know I would be unstoppable. What if shifting our focus from just trying to quit PMO and focus on all the rewards that they will come with nofap could that heighten how efforts to quit, could that maybe motivate us to stop fapping, Watching P or O? .
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    Only God can motivate us. We can follow this NOFAP principle only for a higher purpose and that higher purpose is none other than "God".
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  3. Wow powerful, I totally agree

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