My case is very unusual. Please help.

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    Okay so let me start off by telling you about myself. I am 16 years old, very skinny, acne (only whenever I have been masterbaiting a lot), a pretty bad posture, and a face that isn't really attractive. I feel like not masterbaiting would help with my confidence, (improving my posture) and would give me the energy to start lifting more. It would also give me confidence around guys at the gym who are bigger than me. It would also help with my acne. I kid you not, I only get acne whenever I have masterbaited. Idk why but it is the truth. Well, you are probably thinking, just don't masterbait then. Well, I am good at disciplining myself. However, whenever I have a wet dream, it ruins everything. The next day I will feel like shit. Notice some new acne. I will be in a bad mood, my confidence goes way down. Way less energy. It sucks. However, I have found a way to stop MOST of the wet dreams. If I make sure my bladder is empty when I fall asleep. I usually don't have a wet dream. So I will stop drinking at like 8, then wait 2 hours and go to the bathroom to empty my bladder and fall asleep. Usually this works. However, there are times where I empty my bladder, but my dream is so sexual that I still end up having an orgasm. I think it is caused by female interactions that I enjoy throughout the day( some cute girl smiling at me and talking to me, or some girl flirting wth me over text. ) it makes me feel good but then I sometimes end up having a wet dream. So, should I cut off all female interactions for a while to see what happens? My case is very specific so any support would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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    No you should increase female interactions. Bravely go forth into the world of cute high school girls with determination.

    And you should just accept your wet dreams because they are normal and healthy.

    Your case isn't really that unusual. You're struggling with the same things a lot of guys your age are.
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  3. Hello Bluffy,

    you say you are/have:

    very skinny


    pretty bad posture

    ace that isn't really attractive

    Now, do you think if you would remove those 4 factors, you would feel better?

    If yes, then it can be fixed like this:

    1. Very skinny, I would suggest you join the gym and buy gainer (or change your dietary habits). More can be found on sites like

    2. As far as I know, acne is based on hygiene. Basically, as you are becoming adult your skin is producing more “oily stuff”. On Youtube there is skincareWithRoss. He has guidance how to deal with acne…

    Can it be that maybe when you are watching porn, you are doing a bit less hygiene then usually? I mean PMO takes time, right ;-)

    3. Bad posture: I am not an physician but there can be different reasons for it. Maybe your muscles are balanced in the uneven way.

    Put a book on your head and try to walk around the room with it. Concentrated on having your shoulders back. Women in Africa do that and they have excellent posture. It is fake it till you make it. Do it on daily basis.

    4. About being attractive:

    Get a new hair cut. Don’t go to your normal Hairdresser but rather find an Hair Dresser with cute female “workers”. Ask them for advise. Discuss it…

    They are bored doing the same stuff over and over.

    Fix the skin as advised above.

    Buy some new clothes. If you know a girl and see that she is dressing nicely, ask her to help you. Girls like to do stuff like this with guys…

    And remember, being hot is also about attitude... ;-)


    The last part is about attitude. Those wet dreams are sign that you are becoming a man.

    It is a good thing, right? I know that sometimes parents are making fun from that but they are just silly…


    About porn, porn is easy and couple of tricks away.

    If you abstain from PMO however, you may fail several times but eventually find yourself a nice girl.
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    You're dealing with normal stuff. Embrace who you are and how you look. Social interaction has very little to do with looks and much to do with how you carry and present yourself. Don't worry about the wet dreams...they happen. Once you make lifting a habit you'll feel much better.
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    I feel for you, bro. Teenagers have peculiar physiological, psychological, sociological, and illogical problems. I concur with others that these things are normal and typical of many your age. Some are skinny, some fat (like I was), some short, some have acne, some etc., etc. Most of it gets better as you get older.

    Acne should be the easiest of these problems to fix. Learn all you can about how it works and how to prevent or treat it. Search for "acne" and read up. Your previous record for not fapping is six days, so how can you tell that fapping causes your acne? Six days isn't enough for it to clear up. There are good over-the-counter products. Avoid those that cost lots of money. They are no better. If your case is particularly severe, perhaps a dermatologist can help.

    If you want to quit PMO, that's a worthy goal--especially while you're young and porn hasn't yet sabotaged your potential sexual future. NoFap and enough determination on your part can get you there. Don't worry about wet dreams. They're part of life for many young men of your age, and they're certainly no reason to avoid innocent socialization with young women. If your water strategy helps, feel free to use it. They should diminish as you get a few years older.

    I wish you all the best with your journey.
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