My life has been a waste

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    Even though my parents were not the most well-off growing up, we still had many things that I still take for granted. Seeing people describe how hopeless it can feel in other countries is something I can only try and sympathize with, I'm sure I can't even imagine how stacked the odds are against you.

    I'm guessing the one thing I will be able to relate with is porn and internet addiction. It's a topic that is essentially taboo when spoken about here; although its becoming a major issue by affecting countless men and women, there truly isn't any emphasis on education about it. I was first exposed when I was thirteen and didn't have any idea of what I was getting into. I'm still struggling with how it's affecting my life years later, and it has crept into influencing my relationships and self worth. It wasn't a route I would have taken if I had known the consequences.

    I think what things boil down to is this: as of this moment, you know things could be better. Whether or not you label yourself as a victim is irrelevant. I think what does matter is whether you choose strive to improve yourself right now, or settle with the circumstances that were given to you. Since you're on this forum and keeping up this thread, I hope you choose the former.

    Regardless, thank you for sharing your story and perspective. I really hope that if you continue to look at what you do have the ability to change, then you can find some solace in improving on your life. Even if things don't turn out all golden, at least you gave yourself the best odds when you were given nothing to begin with. Stay strong bro!
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    first few comments are absolutely disgusting, im sorry you have to hear such remarks on a supportive community.

    i think you definitely have the desire to succeed in your life, which is very good. im sorry you are dealing with health issues, and family issues. i know that can be a great difficulty to bare with. do you have any dreams or goals you want to achieve in the imminent future? maybe you should start working on those.

    as for living in a better place, a lot of Indians have studied hard in uni to make it out of their country. if this is really a goal for you then focusing on your studies will help you a great deal.

    hope you find happiness brother, and always remember that you are special and that your flaws will only become your strengths. write a story we all can read and be inspired from.
  3. Wow ! This is really kind of you. You have such great wisdom for age 13. You are correct, I am still young and I should spend my time right. Thank you so so much for this. And I promise I will always be kind to others. :)
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  4. Thank you so much. I am not gonna keep living the way I live now, because it sucks. I will live a better life becuz I deserve it. And I am also sorry to hear that you are also going through porn and internet addiction. But we cant change the past, we can only change the future. So lets do it. Thanks again, my best wishes are with you. Good luck.
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  5. Thank you so much, this is very kind of you. I do have dreams, a lot of beautiful dreams that i am eager to achieve. I am gonna start workin on those today only. And yes I have already planned to migrate to another country when I become 18. And I hope you also find happiness becuz you also deserve it. Thanks again and good luck.
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    I feel sorry for you, do meditation, don't watch porn, don't masturbate. Not watching porn and not doing masturbate will make you feel calm and happy. And about your parents fight don't think much about that just focus on yourself like do exercises or go to gym etc. And when you become mature then you can solve your parents problems. I really feel sad about you. :(
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    Yo dont take anything people say to you personally, thats the best thing i learned when i was 17, Now i do feel bad on how things are going for you bro, but have faith, everything is going to be A- OKAY! Just do your thing, do what makes you happy, im sure leading this life of nofap will bring you peace, other then that you have a whole life ahead of you, if you feel lonely and sad, feel free to hit me up, i understand hindi, Toh tension nehi :)
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  8. Don’t give up, my friend. My background is pretty messed up, full of trauma, abuse and people - some of whom are now dead - who don’t know how to act. Most of my immediate family members are dead, and people have described my story as “disturbing”. (I really don’t even like to talk about or share it, honestly.) I wandered aimlessly through life up until about my mid-20s.

    Being only 17 is a blessing. You have everything in front of you. Also, it sounds like you desire a better life than the one you have and are planning to get away from what sounds like a toxic situation. Make It Happen. I hope you continue to find places and people where you can talk about your issues. They absolutely matter.
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    Well said.
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