My only obstacle: Insomnia

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Max666, May 23, 2018.

  1. Max666

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    I cant make it past the 10 day mark. I've tried twice so far.
    The problem i believe is testosterone. It keeps my mind buzzing. If I get to sleep I wake up way too early. Ive always been a light sleeper, been on Mirtazapine for the past 16 years so when I went on nofap I had this problem (after the first 7 days).

    Can someone (who's gone longer than 10 days and has had same problem) tell me if the insomnia thing goes away. I'm actually quite disciplined and have little problems abstaining from masturbation, it's just the sleep thing, that's it. Thought about heavier meds but you cant get repeat prescriptions for them + they're addictive. It's just really unfortunate. This is something I wanted to do.
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    I'm on day 18 now. This insomnia thing is killing me!! But I know it is caused by PMO. It will be gone. Just patience is required!
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  3. Testosterone does not cause insomnia.
    Mirtazapine is a slightly sedating antidepressant.

    You are very early on in undertaking this challenge. It takes time to improve on your personal best. Don't lose heart man.
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    Insomnia has always been an issue for me. At this early stage in my recovery period the increased arousal levels mean that I get even less sleep. I believe this will settle given time. Meanwhile exercise and meditation.
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    For a long time I had to work a manual labor job through the night. I'd arrive at work around 4:00 or 5:00 PM and work until 2:00-3:00 AM on the shorter days. When I picked up overtime I wouldn't leave until 5:00 or 6:00 AM. By then the sun was rising. I've always been sensitive to artificial light and sound. But I've come up with a few ways of managing sleep and maintaining a healthy wake / sleep cycle.

    Nofap will cause you to need less sleep. Even if you are doing intense physical work, you'll just get deeper sleep so don't lie to yourself, saying you need 8 hours every day. You just don't. Yesterday I was deadlifting 410lbs for reps and I only slept six hours. The thing is, cumulatively you will get to the point where the shorter sleep periods get annoying. And here is how you deal with it:

    1. Get more sunlight. Change your morning routine and get outdoors around sunrise. Get sunlight on your torso. Going outdoors doesn't mean squat if you don't absorb any sunlight.

    2. Eat a high calorie meal before bed. Yes, everyone cries about digestion and whatever. Some of us are built differently and we have cast-iron stoves for stomachs. Eat something with a lot of fat and carbs - for me pasta with beef sirloin does the trick. Stay away from fast digesting foods that will energize you. I never eat eggs when trying to fall asleep because they turn me into an energizer bunny.

    3. If you sleep for only four or six hours, DO NOT TAKE NAPS. Force yourself to stay up, get in bed around 9:00 PM.

    4. Keep your house cool in the evening so it is easier to fall asleep. But set up your air conditioning so it switches off early in the morning. Heat wakes us up - not sunlight.

    5. Tossing and turning is a lie. There is a thing we tell ourselves - if I turn this way it'll be cool and comfortable and I'll fall asleep. It never happens. Lay down on your back, keep your eyes closed, listen to your ceiling fan and talk to yourself out loud about what you did today and plan out the next day. Don't think about it in your head. You have to talk out loud. You'll find between words, there is a longer pause because you are lulling yourself to sleep.

    6. The next day you'll wake up with a plan, execute it and you'll fall asleep even easier than the night before because, in reality, insomnia is really the manifestation of one's lack of feeling accomplished at the end of the day. You are awake because you know you under-performed and did not exercise your physical or mental faculties to their fullest extent.
  6. Iv started awaking at 5:30 am, sleeping at 9:30pm.

    I use to need 10 hours sleep and I still didnt feel good. Now 8 hrs is enough and I feel better and up at 530am.

    I have clarity of mind now, I dont have stresses, Iv spent a lot of time journaling about them and finding solutions, reading books and seeing a psychologist.

    The other thing I do is at 830 to 930 pm I listen to holosync meditation for an hour. Id say without that I wouldnt be able to sleep. You could just get something from headspace or any type of meditation audio or even just a standard meditation 20-30 minutes before bed will help but holosync is 1 hr.

    You need to exert yourself during the day as well. Without exercise its going to be hard for you to sleep at night.

    Get the journal7 by DavidRM as well its a free one month to test it. Start using it because you got things in your head keeping you up, I wouldnt blame it all in No-PMO. In fact, better sleep is a benefit of No-PMO.
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