My reboot story: 95 days pmo free to a brighter life :-)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Beamer, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Hi brother :),
    Thank you for your kind comment :)
    Yes, we are far better off without pmo ! :) Keep going buddy :) You're doing great ! :)
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  2. zakes

    zakes Fapstronaut

    congrats! Your journal is inspiring..
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  3. Hi brother :),
    Thank you for reading, you're on a great streak here, congratulations ! :) Keep going buddy, it's more than worth it ! :)
  4. BenjaminBurnley

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    Hey @Beamer, really nice story you write down there, gives me much inspiring thoughts, thanks for sharing!
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  5. lifetraveler

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    Hey @Beamer, wonderful to read this. I hope to one day never again worry about being sucked back into this black hole of PMO. I am inspired to go the distance.
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  6. Thank you for reading and for the nice comments, it's worth doing this reboot, really ! :)
  7. You've already passed a great number of days, congratulations ! :) Keep going now ! :) Thanks for reading and the nice comments !
  8. Great post! Thank you for sharing! I've relapsed multiple times, hating myself for it each time I gave in! Reading your post further cemented my commitment to moving on from pmo and getting myself back on track! It's true this isn't simply about overcoming an addiction it's about building positive habits!
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  9. Hi brother :),
    I really believe it is, abstaining from pmo is not curing really: we cure by not needing pmo in our lives anymore because we don't have to run anymore from our irl life !
    Pmo is a symptom, not a disease ! All my best for your reboot, thank you for reading ! :)
  10. Yes it's about starting a new way of living. There is much more we can get out of life, if we give up these traps.
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  11. Congrats bro! inspired me a lot :)
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  12. donjonquixote

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    Thanks so much. It inspired me and gave me material for my actions.
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  13. Thank you for reading Sir, stay strong ! :)
  14. Thank you for reading, i appreciate the kind comments ! :)
  15. Yes! And that means no sex fantasies. No touching the Junk. No lingering on the sexy picture (you know, the ad that wants you to click on it; or the "harmless" magazine in the checkout aisle). No lingering on the woman with the sexy dress (who wants attention).
    All that puritanical talk has some real...., actual...., useful value.... For those of us that want to become more fulfilled human beings.
    The meditative "mental inventories" of what is triggering our PA tendencies now change to something much bigger and better: meditative inventories of all our thoughts and behaviors. Who and what we want to be in this life.
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  16. Hi Beamer, it’s great to see you’ve turned & continue to turn your life around, what a feat! This is one of the best accounts of a reboot compacted in 1 post. Inspiring, motivating, helpful & interesting to read a fellow Fapstronauts personal journey/story/experience.

    “Always try to stop a triggering issue at once, the sooner you act, the bigger the chance you will succeed in ignoring it !”

    “I learned how quickly things can go downhill, so don't lower your guard, not on day 1, not on day 365 or ever ! Just be vigilant, always !”

    “Most important: no matter what and how reboots and relapse happen: love yourself !”

    “You need a positive self image to reach your goal so: no guilt, no regrets, no hating yourself, no punches on the head, just remember you're human, and humans fail their goals from time to time. So, stay strong everybody and keep moving forward !"

    “Remember to block FAST if you ever experience this, the faster you block this, the easier it is to let go and distract yourself !"

    “… and i even asked myself why i was doing all this … Was it worth doing it ? I got over it and yes, it’s more than worth it ! Believe me !”

    “Be careful for moodswings, they trouble your vision on reality !The same goes for urges !”

    Cherry on top:
    “It's so heartwarming to see how people fight this addiction together, just humans from all over the world, it's awesome ! So, thank you all for that.”

    Looking forward to hearing more of your progress, how are things going?
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  17. @PilgrimAlchemist :
    Thank you so much for your kind comments, i'm happy my writings can help someone here, even if it's just a little ! :)

    My journal is still updated daily if you like to see how things are going day by day :)
    If you need anything, just ask me buddy ! I'll be glad to help you ! :)

    Thank you again for your kind words, stay positive, stay strong ! :)
    Have a great Sunday !
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  18. Hii @Beamer Sir.Your success story is one of the best story in success story section.You know sir,When i joined this community, i read your and 2525 success story.Really I motivated a lot.:):):)
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  19. @John DK: Thank you my friend, you're very kind :)
    Keep going my friend, you' re doing awesome ! :) Have a great Sunday !
  20. Badme

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    I really are inspired man.... keep going strong
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