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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by rainingrn, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. rainingrn

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    I'm 17 and have been attempting nofap since the start of the year. During this time I have had many streaks and many relapses but on the whole I have managed to really cut down on PMO from what was almost a daily thing to something which isn't as much. I have also come to realise that I don't really like watching porn/masturbating because it doesn't really offer my much and poses far too many long term problems if I keep it up.
    I'm struggling at the moment and I think that I will continue to struggle unless I make a concerted effort to not only stop PMO but to also develop new skills and hobbies.
    Starting nofap made me realise a lot of aspects of myself which I wanted to change and I have been gradually doing things to achieve this, however I don't think I have been doing enough. I'm think of myself as quite lucky to have found nofap at a relatively young age so that I can make the most of my life.

    I'm making this thread to help me achieve my various goals and to stay on track with them as well as to outline to myself the bigger picture of why I want to achieve them:)

    Goals for today:
    - finish 1 paragraph of assignment
    - Study for maths test
    - exercise
    - watch 1 Ted Talk

    The school work is important as it goes towards my university admissions mark which I need to get into the course I want. I need to work on maths becuase it is hard and I need to improve my speed.
    Exercise helps me to clear my mind and makes my happier overall when I'm done. It also helps me to improve my posture and stay healthy which I'll be thankful for in the future.
    I'll watch 1 ted talk so that I can learn new and interesting things about the world and people which will eventually lead to me being a well read person in the future.
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    Good man, keep improving yourself, you are on the right path :)
  3. Love this! :D

    You surely will make great progress with this mindset. Recovery is a process, setbacks happen. Methodical and calculated it should be so as to minimize the amount of setbacks. You look like you are well on your way to glory :)

    All the best to you!
  4. rainingrn

    rainingrn Guest

    I completed all my goals for yesterday which I'm happy with.
    The ted talk which I watched was about making hard choices and how in hard decisions neither option is better than the other and that we should choose the option which allows us to be the person who we want to be. You have to decide due to the reasons you give, not the reasons given to you.

    Goals for today:
    - read 30 pages of my book
    - exercise
    - write notes for business
    - watch 1 ted talk
    - 10 minutes of meditation

    Reading is important because I will be using this book for my english tests for next year so I need to try and read it but also analyse it. It will help contribute to my results which is crucial because english is my worst subject. It is also a really good book but I have neglected it for the past couple of days.

    Meditation really helps me to relax and think about things which actually matter. This also goes back to the ted talk I watched yesterday because I'm still trying to figure out the person who I want to be. If I can try get a good hold of that I think it will really help me later in life and also in choosing the degree.

    Thanks for the kind words and best of luck to you guys as well :)
  5. rainingrn

    rainingrn Guest

    Hi guys, just a real quick update:
    I just watched this ted talk called 'the happy secret to better work':
    It is an amazing tedtalk and is also really funny but the big thing which is says is that the idea that we are happy after we are successful isn't true and that if you want to be successful you need to first be happy.
    It recommended these 5 things to do for 21 days which helps you to change your mindset towards a positive one:
    - journal about 1 positive experience you had in the last 24 hours
    - write down 3 things your are grateful for
    - Exercise
    - Meditate
    - Random act of kindness(telling someone you are grateful for them and things like that)

    This is a really awesome and I just wanted to share with you, the ted talk is also really entertaining and insightful and I really recommend you watch it.
    Best of luck guys :)
  6. rainingrn

    rainingrn Guest

    Ok so I will be updating every 2 days :)
    I completed exercise and stretches for the last 2 days which I'm happy about. I'm also doing well with my reading, I read 47 pages over the last 2 days, I want to try get up to 30 a day though which would be really good and is definitely an achievable goal.
    I've started a mini journal to write down 3 things which I'm grateful for each day and 1 good thing which happened that day.
    I'm trying to spend less time on reddit as well.

    The ted talk I watched yesterday was about body language which was quite cool.
    I didn't complete much of my business notes but I felt I was justified in doing that because I did math study instead.

    Anyway I'll be keeping this up for the next 4 days to try get a routine then I will add another thing to it.

    Best of luck guys :)
  7. rainingrn

    rainingrn Guest

    Hi guys,
    I have been keeping up with the gratitude journal and it is really awesome to do. I've also been keeping up with the daily ted talks, some of which are really interesting and really informative about the world and about life and stuff.
    I'm also getting more into exercise and walking more.
    I want to try get a better routine for homework and assignments, something like 2 hours a day which is actually really easy because I have a lot of free periods at school, I just need to do work on these and not get distracted and then do a bit of work at home.
  8. rainingrn

    rainingrn Guest

    Busy week so far with school.
    I kept up the the gratitude journal, but I missed yesterday.
    I've also been keeping up with my daily Ted talks which is good :)
    I missed a few days of book reading and I could be managing my time at home better for study, which ar things I'll try to do this week.

    Anyways good luck guys :)

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