my worst relapse

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  1. Yes I have relapsed I am done I have reset my pc and my phone because I wanted a fresh start.

    I have relapsed to hentai but seeing what I relapsed to makes me more angry because it is not normal.
    I am struggling I know first 2 weeks are the worst but I have to make my self accountable because at the end of the day it was I who searched for it so all this is my fault that I went so far the rabbit hole that it is hard to get out off

    I need to do everything in my power to quit porn/hentai for good because I am going down the road I will regret for the rest of my life
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    Hi ramses,

    Your story is very familiar to many of us when it comes to various types of P. The realization of a problem and the strong desire to quit is the first step. It sounds like you've taken it. Keep at it. So you relapsed. Now get back on nofap and take it every hour and day at a time. So many people have been successful. You can do this also!

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