Mystery League ( every check matters)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by Deleted Account, Dec 14, 2018.

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  4. Yall are right. I need to be more vigilant. Thanks for the remainder.

    Check in Tuesday. Feeling sick like a dog.
  5. Get well soon! :)
  6. I may be coming down with something too. I woke with a slight sore throat this morning, so we'll see.

    Stay strong everyone :)
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    Take care friend .
  8. Checking in

    @Optimum Fortitude and @What I Do That Defines Me , get better soon lads. Its only a little challenge, to test your willpower, if you really look at it. Recovery is the word for the team!
    @Mysteryball , lots of pressure from school, and home... yeah, been there. But get back in the race, and take one step at a time. Slow progress is still progress.
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    C-c-c-check in!

    Damn it's hella cold!
  11. Another relapse for me. This isnt my finest hour. Ive got to get back on track
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    You should my friend, Do not be hard on yourself. Learn from your mistake and get rid of this . All the best
  13. Check in!

    I think it happens to all of us... Let's bounce back right on the track!:)
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  15. Checking in for Retro Mystery.

    To the guys relapsing, here's my advice... from one year of Retro Rebooting. Stay focused on what your goal is. Make a decision and stick with it. No excuses, no matter how you feel, it's something you make a commitment to and stay with it. If you can do this you'll grow stronger as a person. You'll develop strength.. strength of character and mental strength. You'll learn to control your emotions and your desires and it becomes a positive feedback loop.. it gets easier and you'll feel better.. but you have to give yourself this chance. It's no use going for a few weeks and then back to the old ways.. you need to do months of this, until P is a distant memory and the idea of it even seems strange to you.

    Just know this, if you keep doing the same thing over and over (relapsing), you'll get the same results.. nothing will change in your life. Ask yourself, do you really want change? I did.. no, I needed change. We all know, we can't live that way, being a chronic addict to PMO.. what kind of lifestyle is that? You can't live that way.. so stop doing that thing, for real.. no more PMO!!

    Well, as I'm not here much these days I can risk being a bit tough like this.. I guess some don't want to hear it but I'd rather give you the truth than be liked. So there it is.. Strength, willpower, making a decision and staying with it.. and trust me, it can change your life if you can do this, if you get some months PMO free you will become stronger and a better person.

    Stay focused!

    All the best :)
  16. Tough is exactly how we need it sometimes. Thanks a lot for this post, i think its something i probably needed to hear (or at least be reminded of). Ill give it my all and kick this habit out of here. Youre right, i cant keep living like this, it isnt right. Its time to move on :)
  17. By the way, you dont have a counter so i dont know the exact day, but big congrats on your amazing streak. Youre doing great! :)

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