Naltrexone and PMO

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by pathetic guy, May 15, 2018.

  1. pathetic guy

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    OK, my doctor had prescribed me naltrexone for my problem with alcohol: in conjunction with other meds. He prescribed 50mg any time during the day. I have been taking 25mg for the last 10 days at bedtime. Now, I typically view porn in the morning, as well as after work. I have not MO'd in the last ten days. I have periodically viewed some porn off and on, but not craving it. I have become somewhat indifferent to it.

    This is not a placebo effect. Naltrexone is at least helping me curb my addiction to porn. It's almost a miracle. I hope it will continue.

    I just thought I would share my experience with those that are suffering with PMO. Maybe naltrexone will help others.

    I just hope I will not die from deadly sperm backup, lol.

    EDIT- my counter is not accurate. I need to change it.
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    Hey man , the real addiction is to watch porn , masturbation is on of its consequences .
    So in order give up this bad habit u have to avoid watching porn for atleast 3 weeks though it will b a bit difficult but u acn do it ...
    Watching porn on and off will surely pull you back to masturbation one day...
  3. pathetic guy

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    I hear you. I will switch to some porn, but am uninterested in it.

    This morning I went on the internet and did not watch any porn and had no compulsion to look at any of it. There is something to this I will tell you. I'm going to just keep going about my naltrexone protocol, and I'll report back.

    It's profound.

    Again, my counter is not correct. I need to correct it as soon as I have time. No MO in 11 days. Some P but it is very, very limited, without compulsion.
  4. I tried naltrexone a few years ago. It didn't do much for me, maybe had some effect. There is some research out there that suggests small doses may help. I imagine my problem at the time was that I was still shopping for a "silver bullet" to solve the problem for me instead of using a combination of tools to help me.

  5. qjwu

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    that's super interesting, so you've kept the 25 mg dosage before the bedtime ?

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