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  1. Dr77

    Dr77 New Fapstronaut

    (Day 1) Today I decided that enough was enough. I decided that I needed to seek more help rather than to try to quit PMO by myself. I've been trying on and off since May, and have struggled a lot. May 5th of this year I decided to reconnect with Christ and rededicate my life to him. I've been able to stop drinking, and stop smoking, but the addiction of porn hasn't been easy to shake. I've gone a week there, a week here without porn, but I always end up relapsing. I decided that now is a better time than any, and I will seek help on this forum, and also seek the help of two of the closest brothers in Christ that I have, so that I can shake this addiction. I believe that one day through His grace and His power I will be able to stop and become better. To the people who read this but still have their doubt on whether they can quit or not. Please join me on this journey and together we all can put this addiction to rest.

    Romans 12:12 ESV "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be in consant prayer."

    I will rejoice in my new found hope, Ill be patient throughout the troubles in life and remember to always go to Him in my time of weakness, and I will continue to be in constant prayer.
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  2. Tao Jones

    Tao Jones Fapstronaut

    Welcome to the journey toward Life and the most difficult fight of your life! It is a trip we cannot make alone; we need the help of the Lord and the Body to make it. This site is a great one for finding like-minded APs to have accountability with, and gathering a small group like this about yourself and checking in with them each day is a very helpful practice. Taking a next step toward accountability software can also be a useful addition.

    Do whatever it takes to cut yourself off from your source of P. Getting free will cost you something. The sooner you are willing to pay the price, the sooner you will be making real, sustainable progress toward true freedom and deep, abiding peace within. We are here to encourage you along the Way!

    I am praying for you and cheering you on. Onward!

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