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    I was Porn addict for half my life (i'm 30 now) and i've developed some serious ED. I finally quit porn 2 months ago and i'm rebooting. I can see improvements, sometimes (still rarely) i can get erection during a day and often i get morning woods, especially in the middle of the night (i can wake up few times during night and see a boner).

    Recently i met wonderful girl, with which i wants to enter a relationship, she's hot and maybe a virgin. And i'm scared af that i will fail miserably during our first time. I have decided to postpone it a week or two ( i have good excuse, i'm waiting for her to find a flat).

    I started eating better, getting some exercises and now i think about getting a pill before our first sexual encounter. About a month ago i had opportunity for causal sex with some random chick but i failed hard, took sildenafil 2x25 mg but didn't worked at all. It was after a wedding, so i think that booze and food could contribute to that.

    My question is following: since it seems that my dick works (somehow) which pill could help me through our first sexual encounter? Blue pill or cia..s? I know i have to tell her but i dont want to scare her right away, i would like to try first at least having sex with her. She is so horny that i can't ruin her hopes before trying.

    Also which supplements could help me boost my erection? I've read something about Tribulus, L-Arginine, does anyone tried that?

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    Hey dude,

    I totaly understand what you are going through.

    Please read a snippet from my journal regarding ED and pills:
    [--[ Method 2: V1agra ]--]
    Around 23 years old I started dating older woman (30+) and guess what?
    My PIED was at its worst. I panicked and chucked my life work gigantic porn stash in the trash outside. Gigabits of CDR's and DVD's all gone in a moment of fear, like tears in the rain. I really felt useless and ran out of ideas and got desperate and decided to visit a doctor that subscribed me V1agra. Holy crap, that worked instantly and my dick was hard as rock and I could perform till deep in the night. All my problems were solved, well so i thought..... My main problem was that I never could tell my girlfriend that I had to use V to get it up with her, because she would have definitely dumped my dead dick right there, and I would not blame her. So what could I do than to keeping silently using V? The other problem was that V (due to subscription) was very expensive and it only works when you take it 20 minutes prior to having sex. This secret planing and lying put a lot of stress on my relationship with this nice older woman and in the end I guess she suspected my V usage. Obviously there are also many health disadvantages of using V.

    [--[ Married : PIED dormant ]--]
    Then the best thing ever happened to me, because I met the girl of my dreams not long after the breakup with the older girlfriend. Still a PIED patient, I also continued using V with my dream girl, but somehow I managed to lower the usage until my PIED went dormant. At that moment, my Porn usage heavily declined and I was so relaxed with my new girlfriend I never felt the PIED stress. Not long after I married this fantastic woman and started a family with her. Life and sex was good to us, but then.

    [--[ PIED resurrected ]--]
    Every married man here knows that the sex life will suffer when having kids and so did our lives. As a man I knew I had to lower my expectations for a while. But due to her hormone problems, destroyed vagina, crying babies, saggy tits, work, etc. My wife's libido diminished to almost 0 and we end up not having sex for almost two years. I was uncertain what to expect at that time and resorted to heavy porn usage to keep my sexual urges in check and this eventually escalated to me cheating on my wife by going to a prostitute. After the first visit I felt shocked and was disgusted by my act of adultery. But my loathing wasn't enough to stop my pathetic transgressions, so I continued throughout the years and my dark friend PIED was always there with me at every prostitute visit.

    I'm currently sex chatting with a tinder date i met 2 weeks ago and we will soon have sex. I'm concerned my ED will return again, but I will never ever go pack to using V. Instead I focus on living healthy, meditation and doing no pmo.

    I also came clean to my date about my past porn addiction and she is totally ok with it and open to doing karezza and oral sex.

    My honest advise to you:
    - live healthy
    - never look to porn again
    - stop masturbating
    - dont stress too much about ED
    - take your time to heal
    - dont take ED pills
    - look into oral and karezza
    - be totally honest with her about your ED

    You can pm me any time you want for help
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