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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by yerbamate, Nov 10, 2020.

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    Hey fasptranauts
    I started nofap with a friend that mentioned it to me about all the benefits and how its an addiction. I decided to join, he is currently on day 40 and I relapsed and was active for a week or so. This is when I realized I had a problem. I am currently fighting the desire and have found that my dick doesn't even get up when I want to masterbate. I'm not really horny, my body is just craving external stimulus (porn I assume) to get hard and then masterbate. I laid in bed trying to think of erotica to maybe get hard and masterbate and nothing. I have also struggled with Premature ejeaculation lasting from a couple of minutes to at best making it over 5 and sometimes over 10 minutes. Last time I had sex it was in less then a minute I assume to no far. The fact that I last longer ensures me I can practice to last longer but wanted to know if no fat helped in this.
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    Hey man, welcome to the forum.
    Fortunately there are sections full of information about the problems you're mentioning.
    I suggest you to visit them to get a better help for your problem.
    The best of luck :)
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  3. Welcome to NoFap!!!
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