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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Z€US, Jun 21, 2020.

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    Hi! Fellas, wassup? I m new guy on the nofap platform and started this nofap activity from today, i am addicted to pmo for 15 years and i succeded in overcoming p*rn but failed in controlling mo part and relapsed every time because of stress but now i m firmly determined to do nofap. I need to know the do's and donts activities to be done in this nofap
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    Welcome, I am also new here since I joined about a week ago so I probably can't help you much but I can share my experience so far. So the thing which motivates me and helps me when I feel bad is reading other's people reboot logs/journals so this is one of "do's", I have also started my own journal recently to share my expierience with others and myself in the future which I think could be helpful. I can also recommend some obvious stuff like eating healty, sport, meditation, meet people and avoid other toxic adddictions. I hope it is helpful So good luck!
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    Hey man, new here too. It feels like a lot to take on but we can do it! I think just joining this community is a big step.
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    Keep going. Stay strong.
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  5. Hey Zeus welcome. For don't I recommend avoiding triggers especially early on. It gets tempting to look at something but it's harder if you don't avoid them. This may include instagram or whatever that may trigger you. Also what's keeping me from PMO is having a strong goal in mind. This has to trump PMO in my opinion and also which is keeping me determined and disciplined. I've also read success stories for people who have 200+ days of no PMO under their belt and they changed their lives dramatically. This also keeps me very inspired.
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