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    Hi, I'm new here. I've never felt compelled to join any type of forum in my whole life until now. My boyfriend of almost 2 years is addicted to porn/has problems with compulsivity. For at least a year I had to fight to get him to see and admit he had a problem. Over the last maybe 6 months he finally sees the issue and has a strong desire to quit and I'm proud of him but this is taking a huge toll on me. I recently caught him consuming pronography, which has never happened before, and in a desperate search for resources and support for both of us I found this site. Can you guys tell me what your experience here has been like? Maybe share your stories of how you and your partner got through/are working through this? I just feel really alone lately..
  2. I am new also and almost in your exact shoes. It's hard. At times, I want to just move on but I care about him and we have been together for 3 years. This has been an issue for the whole time on and off. I ended up coming here because I would reach out to family and friends and sometimes the response was less than helpful. I've heard everything from...this is what men should leave him now and never look back. I came to the conclusion that only someone who is going through this actually understands what it is like. I have no advice to give other than to notice things that bring you joy and hold those close while you are working on something that is extremely difficult.
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    Read through other posts in this section of the forums. There are many wise and helpful SOs of PAs/SAs here and their input is very helpful.

    There is no one right answer and every situation is unique. Remember that recovery is always up to the addict to choose each and every day. It is a slow process and progress does not occur in a straight line. It is very difficult. You will have to decide if that journey is for you.

    I am wishing and praying the best for you all!
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