No video games & nofap.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by chris555, Sep 15, 2019.

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    hmmmmm I'd like to disagree on that! No other addiction can be as damaging as PMO! but i see that Gaming has affected you a lot, probably lot more than PMO has ever did to you. At least a guy who doesn't PMO has his vital energy inside him, unlike most people here who cum watching P. Now that I think about it from a third person perspective, its fucking disgusting.
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    Beware gaming addiction. When I was a teen I was addicted to both games and porn. Stopped being addicted to games in my early twenties (only played new games or old games with new content for a few weeks/months) and moderated my porn use slightly but it was ongoing (about once a day).

    The thing with games is that some of them produce gaming fatigue and burn out your adrenaline. It's a different kind of fatigue than the one you get from PMO. I played just an hour or more of a first person shooter style game a couple days ago and the fatigue had a hold on me for like 2 days. I actually had to rest shortly after playing (I never have to rest as much as when I experience GF).

    But as I said, it seems not all games produce this effect. I played an MMO for like 3 months a little while ago, and did not experience or notice any kind of tiredness. High stress, fast paced games, I think = GF.
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    4 years ago i was playing Lol like crazy, every day non-stop. Almost lost a year in high school because of Lol. I could not stop it. I would play for hours and then think about what i did and i felt grose. I wanted to stop it, i knew there is so many better things in life then gaming. I would delete it, but install it in following day. I lived like that for years or two and then... I sold my account. After a while I wanted to return my account but the kid that i sold it to got banned like...for good... because he was toxic af. I had all champs so i am not going to make a new account and start over took me years. So just sell it, use a cheat and get ban. Give it to someone, get rid of it.
    And one of the reasons why i wanted my account back and to keep playing is because all my friends were playing. So fk them as well. Those people will just pull you down
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    Well said brother. Addictive behavior is destructive behavior, it’s best that you just get rid of it. So you don’t even think about it.
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    I havent played videogames since a year and grown very much in that time. I used to play all day like most real gamers do / did. But if you do it you have to realize a new chapter of your life will begin and there is no going back.
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    Since this topic resurfaced, i will add my two cents.
    I was pretty avid gamer in my 20ties, then naturally things tapered down as I got older to the point I did not play for months at a time.

    In my thirties I began playing a bit again and noticed fairly big improvements in memory and cognition, despite not being that old effects were noticebale.

    Research indicates the same, so I do not suggest you outright label games as negative and try to exclude them from your life. Just play in moderation and verity of different types of games.

    Gaming depending on the type offers training for verity of cognitive systems like pattern recognition, problem solving and modeling of reality among others. It has substantial benefits as long as it is not being abused for hours.
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    Videogames have been something ive been slowly turning away from these past 2 years. In fact in my opinion this whole console generation sucked. No new ideas, nothing but reboots of franchises that ended properly (Gears anyone?),or taking it way too far (Halo 6?) and dont even get me started on Fortnight....
    The fact of the matter is that it went from being sorta fun to money pits. Companys focus more on how to get more money on top of the $70+ you spend on games. In turn we get unfinished games rushed to market or games that are half unlocked only to pay a fee to continue or get the latest and more powerful gear. The worst part is that gaming companies now consult psychologists to keep people coming back an spending money. Of course that is more for mobile gaming, but is starting to trickle into other forms of gaming. I could go on, but in short there are better things to do with my time and i will say for certain that i am done and will not participate in the next console generation.
    I wont go as far as getting rid of my stuff because its still something i can enjoy on an occasion when i have enough free time (which is few and far in between).
    There is a time and a place for them and for me personally ive carried this hobby for too long (37 going on 38). Im unhappy and looking for other things to do that are more healthy mentally.
    If you all disagree Im ok with that, but i can only hope that what i said will help someone out there to wake up also.
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    I’ve played them ever since I was introduced to them when I was around 7 or so, with the old Atari, 3DO, moving up to the N64 and then PS2.

    Realising my habits many years ago I told myself I’d cut back on games and have managed to do roughly 8 hours or more a day, and recently having a discussion with my SO we’re trying something different. Currently games and stuff like that is limited to the weekend only, and all during the week it’s work and chores instead.

    It’s nice to be able to keep to my schedule of game making and anything that needs doing without sacrificing my time or health on binging, it‘s gotten to the point where I’m kind of bored with everything and games haven’t had that spark from before. I’ll never get bored of games to the point of quitting, but it’s nice to give my brain a breather and do other stuff instead.
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    I used to spend the whole day playing, my family used to force me to stop playing to eat or go outside, i left my country to study and i solve the problem by not having pc, ps or xbox in my new home, even laptop i am not upgrading so I can’t run games on it, simple but effective :)
    Now i only play cards and chess with real people on real world which are good for my mind :)
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    You guys have got my respect! Video gaming addiction is a quite an unknown problem and doesn't get alot of attention in the media. Although it can have a huge impact on your life. I don't play games, so this topic isn't for me. All I can say is goodluck to all of you.
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    Oh man where do I begin...I was an addict worse than PMO. So the first game I ever played was Runescape, then Maplestory then transferred onto FPS games. I've been so hardcore with video games that I began to go straight up competitive mode. My family would hear me scream on my computer. I would rage a lot! I was a really angry teen back then. I played every single day about 16 hrs a day. I began to gain weight and definitely become lazy. My friends online would always try to calm me down or just leave me alone. Video games, in general, consumed about 10 years of my life... I regret it strongly. It got me nowhere in life. And furthermore, I PMO'd so much because of how depressed I was.

    I reached the lowest point in my life about 2-3 years ago. I was trying to contact my ex hoping to get back with her and kept blaming her for everything. I didn't even have a part-time job... I just delivered crap food to people for about 5 hrs a week. I wasn't thinking about my future anymore. I was so weak and so hurt. I barely had anyone to talk too, and every day I would isolate myself from the world inside my room talking to no one. It was a very dark time for me...physically and mentally. My heart and mind we're drained onto the screen and what I got in return was nothing.

    If I had to go back in time, I would tell my younger self to never give into video games.

    About a year and a half ago I found NoFap through a random group discord chat. At first, I thought, "LOL WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE THIS IS! WHO WOULD EVEN TRY THIS? I WOULDNT EVEN LAST A DAY HAHAHAHA!" But for some reason...I just started to do some research on it. From there, it changed my life completely.

    I relapse multiple times in the first couple of weeks. After hearing so many benefits from the NoFap community, it motivated me to push to 30 days! THIS WAS WHEN I KNEW SOMETHING WAS DEFINITELY UP. I noticed changes randomly. When it comes to interaction with people at my workplace, for some reason they began to notice me and talk to me more. With not even the slightest intention of communicating. A random girl came up to me and just kept talking to me. All I did was a nod. I don't know what's going on but I did enjoy the company.

    So throughout my progress, I was diverting away from playing computer games. I also found a part-time job and recently went back to finish school. Through tons of relapses, I began to incorporate exercising, eating healthy, and cold showers. My mind and body felt rejuvenated! I started to notice people at work talking to me consistently. Even though I'm a strong introverted type of person, I started TEACHING people in crowds on implementing better solutions at my workplace (Basically an ambassador). Now I'm aiming to get promoted soon and hopefully get into the IT business world. I feel so much positivity now, I rarely get mad easily. It took discipline, consistency, and patience, to get to where I am today. NEVER in my life have I even thought about doing any of this. I feel healthy, stronger, positive, and CONFIDENT!

    So now I rarely play games. Maybe once every three months or just go to a friend's house to play Nintendo switch causally. NoFap is not just a tool... It was literally the answer to all my problems to get out of any addiction I had. Thanks to this community and motivation I can finally pursue my dreams. To be honest this still feels like the start of something better.
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    I can very much relate to this, because I made or am still making similar experiences. I am 24 now, started playing video games at around 9 or 10. I used most of my spare time as a teenager and until I was 22 maybe. I played over 3000 hours of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (Counterstrike with swords) since I bought it in 2012 and easily 1500 hours of other games in the same time period. With 22 I started radically uninstalling all the games I had and managed multiple streaks of 2 or 3 months without playing at all, but I came back to it again. I managed to get more disciplined, so the "relapse times" became a lot shorter.
    I had a little relapse today actually for the first time in 2 months. I played 2 hours of Mordhau, a game very similar to Chivalry, but realised how it was sucking me in once again. With these games I usually get to a point where I really don't want to stop the game and I rarely managed to escape at that point when I was younger. But I can do it these days, so I believe I have the thing under some control. I believe it is the same like with other addicitons too - as soon as get back to playing, it sucks you right in again. The best thing from my experience is get rid of any device that can run the sort of games you usually play. I locked my gaming rig away for quite a long time at one point.
    Part of the problem is that these games can be such a load of fun. With online pvp games, the better you get, the more fun you get out of it - I got really good in Chivalry. The feeling you get from kicking all these other players asses all the time and getting one kill streak after another is just terribly addictive, because it is fun like few other things.
    To me it definitley had a much more destructive effect than PMO.
    But both things kinda work similarly when I am moving towards a relapse. With PMO it usually starts with me looking at some relatively harmless videos on YouTube, then some days later I might watch porn without masturbating and then it's too late already and the relapse comes sooner or later. With video games it also starts with me just casually looking at some gameplay footage.
    I like to compare the internet with the one ring from The Lord of the Rings. If you can manage to wield it to your advantage it can be incredibly useful, but it can easily corrupt your heart and send you on the way down to hell and then you eventually become Gollum.

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