Nofap causes premature ejaculation?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Makingitthistime, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Makingitthistime

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    Hello guys.
    I have two questions.
    1- if I don't fap for let's say two weeks or so and then I fap I swear I could cum on like half a minute. However, if I fap once every week I can see improvement in my lasting longer. Why is that?
    2- how to get rif of the faltline and recover as fast as possible?.
  2. sonic123rainbow

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    Oh man your effort for Nofap is 5/5.

    1. Yes if you do PMO after long abstaining, then it's easier to cum.
    2. There are some magic tricks(Good lifestyle: Go for run and take cold shower, eat healthy, don't watch Netflix, read books)
    When the flatline hits if you have good habits, then it won't it as hard, but you my fellow New Fapstronaut have alot to learn. I would recommend spending least 2 hours a day in these forums until you kind of know everything, and then the whole journey will become easier.
  3. roots415

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    hey man, i think in my case what gives me premature ejaculation in real life with a girl is fapping. In any case im a fast cummer lol. what is the diference? When i dont fap, after a orgasem with a girl, after 1 min i can go another time any time how many times i want, like a wild stallion lol. thus satisfaying my girl and sex be so much more pleasurable and meaningfull.
    When im fapping, we give a chag and after the first one its really hard to maintain a erection. it´s there but the power is gone and even me im a bit desinterested.
    So if you want my advice if you fapping is not gonna help your sex life its just gonna damage it. girl´s can tell when a guy is full of energy and to tell you the truth, they love it. :)

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