1. Hey guys! This is my first post. I just wanted to say Hi and join this community.
    In previous months I have been a lurker i have been doing nofap for a few years now on and off.
    I have made it 90 days more than once even my best was 130 . The point is I keep going back to porn.
    After i relapse like tonight i realise it wasn't worth it. Even though I have had long streaks and all. Im starting to realize its not about the streak its about how you change your life during that streak. A lot of my streaks were just will power where i was fighting my urges obviously but i want to get to that point theres less fighting and you know its not a positive trait in your life.
    I need accountability I can only go so far. I hope i can find motivation here and we can push each other to become better versions of ourselves and become heros.

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  2. arturo111

    arturo111 Fapstronaut

    We are with you bro, yust keep gooing and be strong!
    With luck, my chyrlick bruther
  3. IGY

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    You say - i have been doing nofap for a few years now on and off - but that is not true. You have been doing abstinence for a few years. Whilst commendable, that is not the same thing at all. The NoFap challenge is about "getting a new grip on life" and making your life more awesome. It is indeed a lifestyle change rather than simply not doing masturbation & porn.
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  4. For sure I was on the lines of abstinence, which brought me further in my life, but not to the mountain tops I want to reach.
    Like you mentioned It's a lifestyle change, not just crossing off days on goal tracker or counter.
    Thanks for posting on my thread man.


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