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    Dont think its been posted yet, from 42:50
    What do you think?
    Interesting to have a girl on the show. Fair enough, of course a females take on nofap is equally valid but honestly what % of people on here are female? 1%?
    My thoughts were that they seem to underestimate the problems of porn. The doctor basically says dont be silly, a bit of PMO from time to time is normal. She doesnt really say what is normal. Lets say vanilla 2/3 times a week. Fine. But 90% of what i read on here are people with much worse porn habits - multiple daily PMO, leading to other problems like social anxiety and low self esteem, seeking ever more extreme P forms, unwanted SSA which fucks with peoples heads etc etc etc...So i think she is really underestimating the problem.
    Also the guy who is very pro-NoFap, seems to have real, significant benefits, good luck to him. I think i am in the minority here when i say Ive been on NF for a year, biggest streak almost 200 days and i have to say I cannot really see any benefits that could not easily be obtained from other areas of self improvemnt (clean diet/early to bed-get up/reading good books/plenty of sport etc...) For me, Nofap has basically removed something that made me feel a bit crap for 30 mins once aweek, and thats it.
    Anyways i thought you guys might be interested!!
    Cheers :)
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    30 minutes a week would be great. Yeah saying a bit now &I then is ok is like telling an alcoholic there is nothing wrong with a glass or two every Friday night. Of course there isn't, everything in moderation, but that's no good to the addict.
  3. It’s important to include women in interviews and articles. Why ignore them? The reason is because S & P addiction is rarely acknowledged in women. There are many women who are suffering in silence, who are shut ins who have given up and drinking themselves to death or at least trying to. Their lives are a mess and they don’t even know why.

    If they hear more women talking about this and saying what they’re doing to recover and how their lives have changed it might motivate them to seek help or come to NF.

    Maybe. I don’t know. There are only 1% of women here. Why bother talking to them at all.
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    Pornography is overwhelmingly used by and produced for men, so female addicts are more of a novelty from the perspective of the media. But considering how many thousands of men have porn problems, 1% is pretty high.
    Women are just as likely to become sex addicts in other ways as men, which impacts their ability to form and keep relationships just like porn addiction does.
    Women also pay the price for their boyfriend's/husband's addictions, and men they may potentially wish to date. So it's society's problem really not just individual men.
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  5. What is concerning to me is the baseline for what is acceptable vices and virtues that seems to have permeated throughout almost every single culture in the world today. Regardless of technological progress and social liberties the simple fact of the matter is, a vice is a vice is a vice. It doesn't matter how many field experts condone it or how many people participate in it. The inherent nature of a vice is that it expresses itself in a selfish and destructive manner.
    Many people cannot separate religion from the fundamental principals that are conductive to a harmonious and healthy human being and community, so they just throw it all out the window.
    I could care less if someone is atheist, buddhist, christian, taoist, muslim, hindu; the simple fact is masturbation and porn is the active participation in lust. Yes we are sexual creatures and that is a beautiful thing when expressed in a selfless way. Masturbation and Porn are not that. When you do either you are fantasizing for your own gain only.
    Where everything today is 100 shades of gray it's difficult for people to simplify and see it's base nature.. and it is simple. No matter how you slice it or phrase it or justify it. You have to put all that aside and look at what the consumption of a behavior does to the individual and their community. A vice is such that it acts in a destructive and negative way in the world of those who consume and abide in it.

    This is why even a little porn is not "good" for you in any sense of the word.
    - it promotes selfishness over selfless-ness
    - it aids in human trafficking across the world
    - it capitalizes off of human suffering
    - it enslaves the weak and the lost
    - it pulls apart man and wife
    - it aids in a wandering eye, leading to dissatisfaction and unending desire=suffering
    - It twists people's view of others, not seeing them as a human but a thing to possess or lust over.
    - it promotes envy and greed

    - it diminishes(especially men's) vitality and health GREATLY
    (Oh well, alot of those things aren't happening to me directly so don't effect me.)

    WRONG that is the exact mentality that is entirely false and based in ignorance. Where one suffers all suffer. These things spill into the lives of all around them even if you cannot see the connection directly.

    MANY rather protect their unquestioned and infinite access to endless porn than protect the children and minds of the future.

    I for one will not contribute a single minute more to this destruction.
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    The GP is clueless, the two Nofappers made some good points and came across well - no-one could try and miss-represent Nofap as being extremists / alt-right etc on the basis of this interview.

    The GP at the end said that masturbating once a day is "normal". How does anyone know what is "normal", in either the sense of being typical of most people in today's society, or in the sense of what might actually be healthy for most people? She also seemed very dismissive of the addiction issue - condescending, unsympathetic, and determined to stick to the line that porn and masturbation are healthy.
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