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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by opoijj, Apr 20, 2015.

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    Ok guys so this is my first thread on nofap, and I wanted to share with you the improvements I've noticed.
    This is my 15th day. I feel MUCH better!
    The brain fog is 100% gone, I feel better overall
    let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 16 year old soccer player and a couple of months back I noticed that whenever i do fap my form goes to shit and I can't help my team at all, I'm a lone attacker on my team thus I'm a big part of it. Stopping nofap has so many health benefits for all you athletes/people who wanna pick up a sport they like out there. I do not get tired as fast and when I am worn out I never get the same nauseous feeling i used to get before Nofap. I have no explanation but I liliterally Give it 100% in every single matxh match now, I also notice much more focus in every aspect of my life, my football matches, in class, and even when talking to people. I'm no longer stressed out about what people think of me. As for the guys who had trouble talking to girls, I recommend you try out nofap, It doesnt turn you into George Clooney or give you super pickup powers but it does help you establish more thoughtful conversations with both sexes, that's all I have noticed so far, keep in mind I'm only 15 days clean and far from rebooted..
    Anyone out there struggling with PMO or getting a few days under his belt, believe in yourself. I was a worthless fapper, and I've made it this far, whats stopping you, but your own self???
    Sorry for the long post, excuse my shitty English.
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