Numbness and jizzed my pants during a date without noticing

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  1. Hello,

    I'm currently on day 20 of nofap.

    Since about 1 or 2 weeks I have a numbness feeling in my dick. My balls feel normal. I also get erections during sleep and they also feel numb.

    I'm currently dating a girl and we just had our 4th date. We went to the theater and while watching the act, we were holding our hands.
    When we said goodbye, we kissed each other (already kissed on the 3rd date).
    I just came home and noticed that I jizzed my pants. I didn't even notice it during the date.
    WTF is going on? This numbness on my dick makes me crazy. How could I have an ejaculation (didn't have a boner) while holding her hand without noticing it?
    I'm currently thinking about jerking off (without porn) just to try to get that numbness away.
    Have you got any tips for me?
  2. MarioCorrelos

    MarioCorrelos Fapstronaut

    That's probably not sperm. That's just precum. And it's perfectly normal. I have "suffered" from it for a long time with my girlfriend. Just being around her aroused me in a non-sexual way, enough as to secrete that precum. And I didn't have boners either.

    In my case, I am circumcised and it was even more evident whenever I took my underwear off.

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