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    Yesterday I discovered myself that I treat women like pieces of meat. More than 2 years ago my brother had a massive go at me for it, I was in denial, I didn't believe him.

    But after last night the way that I was with a girl, yeah I think I do, in my mind I want girls to be as easy as they are in porn, just 20 seconds of talking and then boom that's it pleasure time.

    I do it so much, I look at women and rate how much I want to sleep with them; if they have imperfections my mind will spot them and comment. And also visually admire girls who dress more provocatively when out in the town. This can regarded as a "lad" thing this kinda mentality; I also put them on an untouchable pedastal, I'm too intimidated to talk to most women I see.

    Because I see women as objects, in my current state of mind, I have to give up porn, or I will die alone guranteed. Another reason to get this sorted out. If you don't see women as objects, and you focus on entertaining women when you interact with them, you will have more success.

    The thing which I do when I am intimate with a woman is that I try to make her happy, her happiness comes before mine. So if I really objectified them to the extreme, I think I would only care about my pleasure and that's it.

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