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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by fptasticgits, May 7, 2018.

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    hey guys
    ive heard of the nofap thing some weeks ago and somehow i thaught this could be good for me. im male, 27 and living in berlin. i broke up with my love half year ago.
    i dont think my porn addiction was a reason for breakup but i think it wasnt very good for the relationship. things did go worse after the breakup, ha, for sure.
    i started watchin porn very early, i guess thats a generation thing. today it's hard to find a porn which makes me really horny without making me shame after it. porns getting harder and weird. after masturbating i feel like shit .. i really wanna change a lot in my life and i think this is one thing that could help a lot. get rid of porn! go back to real intimacy and relations!
    as a newbie to nofap i have a question..
    does the nofap challenge include a nosexatall challenge or is it "ok" to have sex?
    thanks for having a board like this to discuss our stupid addiction! i appreciate it :)
  2. Foxhole

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    Hi. You're so right with the real intimacy and relations. Get rid of superficiality and cheap pleasure to get the real thing. The only thing that really matter.
    And i believe it can be answer for your question. Since i'm in relationship I struggle with this too.
    I see it this way.
    Have sex with someone i dont care about is no better than porn.
    Have sex with someone i love just to satisfy my urges is really not any better.
    Make love to someone to express your deep connection? Not only OK. Great!

    I dont want to be the "it depends" guy, but yeah, it depends. Its not about what you do, but how and why.

    Good luck with your journey and feel free to message me any time.
    Your neighbor :)

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